Airfare Expected to Drop 40 Percent by Fall

August 10, 2022

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If reports prove to be true, people getting stabbed with high summer airfare prices may be finally getting a break.

Airfare rates are expected to drop by as much as 40 percent by fall according to travel booking site Hopper.

Americans are spending more on their summer vacations than they did before the pandemic, as prices have soared for every component of a trip — gas, airfare, hotels, restaurants and more. 

The cost of airline tickets is expected to drop significantly this month, with round-trip tickets costing $286 on average, according to Hopper's travel index. This represents a 25% decrease from the ticket prices in May, which is one of the peak seasons for airfare.

Domestic airfare for travel in September and October will cost travelers $238 roundtrip on average. That’s $142 cheaper, or 37% — than summer prices and even 3% lower than 2019 prices.

The average price for an international roundtrip airfare has decreased by 19% since summer prices, but is still 17% higher than in 2019. This mixed bag seems to be due to the fact that airfares for travel in September and October have dropped, but only by $179 since summer prices.

So while it may be a good time to buy a ticket if you're planning on traveling soon, beware that prices may go back up again come winter.

Fall is a great time to visit some popular West Coast destinations, as prices have dropped significantly from peak summer prices. For example, the average roundtrip airfare to San Diego is now $252, which is down $230 from earlier in the summer.

Roundtrip tickets to Portland are averaging $314, which is a significant savings from summer prices. And if you're looking to travel to Salt Lake City, tickets are averaging $242 roundtrip, which is also a great deal when compared to earlier in the year. 

The earlier you book, the better the price you'll get on domestic flights, according to Hopper. For international flights, the best prices can be found if you book at least four weeks in advance.

This is welcome news for travelers obviously. It would have been helpful in the summer travel months, but summer rates are always higher, so most people are aware of that. With the recent decline in fuel prices, there's hope that fares will go down even further. 

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