American Tweaks AAdvantage Program Again to Unlock Benefits Sooner

December 15, 2022

American Airlines is about to make another massive update to its AAdvantage program, which had previously undergone a major overhaul just nine months prior.

This update seeks to further expand the benefits and rewards for customers enrolled in the program. With this new update, customers can now earn more points from flights and other activities, as well as receive additional discounts and bonuses.

American Airlines will unveil their newest 'Loyalty Point Rewards' program, which provides more tiers for earning rewards and a larger selection of benefits at each threshold. This new system allows customers to further maximize their points through a variety of different avenues. 

“We’re creating a more meaningful travel rewards program for our AAdvantage members,” said Vasu Raja, American’s Chief Commercial Officer. “Only our members will have access to everything American has to offer. Achieving status will unlock an even wider world of unique experiences with the airline and our partners. With these and other innovations to come, we are continuing to deliver on our commitment that travel is better when you’re an AAdvantage member.” 

AAdvantage Will Push Out Rewards Faster

In March 2023, American Airlines will be offering unprecedented opportunities for their customers to receive rewards and benefits. This revolutionary program is designed to give customers more control over their travel experiences while also providing them with frequent incentives to keep them coming back. 

American recently changed their old Loyalty Choice Rewards program, enabling members to benefit with rewards after earning only 15,000 Loyalty Points. This new Loyalty Point Reward, previously known as Loyalty Choice Rewards, is a great way for members to enjoy extras despite not yet reaching the prestigious AAdvantage Gold® status.

As members continue to advance toward higher levels of status by earning Loyalty Points, they will receive new benefits such as Loyalty Points bonuses for shopping with some of American’s partners and status with the airline’s preferred car partner.

AAdvantage Loyalty Points are the Hub of the Program

Loyalty Points are all that members need to achieve status and reset each program year. AAdvantage members earn miles and Loyalty Points when they fly, use an AAdvantage credit card for purchases or engage with more than 1,000 AAdvantage partners.

Members then redeem those miles to elevate their travels and reach status and rewards through Loyalty Points.

AAdvantage StatusLoyalty Points
Platinum Pro125,000
Executive Platinum200,000

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Members of the highest loyalty program levels have access to unique rewards that go beyond their status. These exclusive benefits include systemwide upgrades, Admirals Club One Day Passes, trip credits, and award rebates for flights purchased with miles. Furthermore, members are able to redeem Loyalty Point Rewards for even more personalized travel experiences. 

Updating Mileage Earn and Redemption

American is removing the previous 75,000 limit on miles that a member could earn on a single ticket, making flying with American even more rewarding. Members earn miles for flights based on the ticket price and AAdvantage status.

Also, on American and eligible partner flights, AAdvantage members will earn two miles per dollar spent on Basic Economy fares for all tickets issued on or after Jan. 1, 2023, for travel starting March 1, 2023.

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