American Airlines Set to Debut New Admirals Club Lounges Starting This Fall

August 6, 2022

American Airlines Admirals Club

American Airlines is redesigning several of its Admirals Club lounges to represent the flavor and 'vibe' of each city they serve to enhance the travel experience for their flyers.

The new design for the Admirals Clubs will first be seen at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA) this fall. The redesigned lounges are part of a larger effort by the airline to improve the overall customer experience. 

The new look of the Admirals Club lounge at DCA will signal the start of a reimagined design for all of the airline's premium lounges. American Airlines is the largest airline in the world, and this redesign is sure to set a new standard for airport lounges.

The new club at DCA, compared to the old one, will provide a much more modern appearance with bright light and a greater emphasis on natural materials.

Other airports that will be receiving similar upgrades in the near future include Newark’s Liberty International Airport, Denver International and Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.

DMAC Architecture & Interiors out of Chicago created a unique vision for American Airlines that celebrates the brand's signature elements while also referencing local landscapes and landmarks. 

These references will create a sense of place for customers in each city, and also promote wellness through select design elements.

New features include sustainability elements in deliberate ways, such as environmentally friendly American walnut components in each lounge.

“The new Admirals Club interior design is inspired by our customers, who tell us that their favorite aspect of visiting our lounges is feeling like they’re ‘coming home,’” said Clarissa Sebastian, Managing Director of Premium Customer Experience & Onboard Products. “This design is the culmination of a partnership between American and an award-winning architectural firm well known for their designs in the hospitality space. Each element was thoughtfully developed to create an environment of calm, with natural woods and open spaces, so our customers can relax and feel their best as they prepare for their flight.” 

The big legacy carriers are all in a race to revamp their lounges. But the question I have is: Does it even matter? And is it the best idea? Sure, for the frequent flyer/higher perk travelers...they love it. But there has never been more of a disconnect with the basic, budget flyer than now. This would seem to alienate them even more I would think. I could very well be wrong.

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