American Airlines Cutting 31,000 Flights from its Fall Schedule

August 15, 2022

American Airlines is cutting 31,000 flights, or 16% of its flight schedule during November. The airline says the cuts are "in line with our approach to network and schedule planning throughout the year."

CNN, along with aviation analytics data company Cirium are reporting the cuts and say the biggest slashes are between Chicago O'Hare and Dallas-Fort Worth, as well as between Boston and Philadelphia.

Just last week it was reported that American is planning to cut 2% of its flights in September and October.

The airline has made adjustments to its schedule in order to be more efficient with its resources. This will help the airline stay on schedule throughout the rest of the summer, according to AA.

Airlines commonly make changes according to demand, staffing and other data factors.

For example, if the airline predicts that there will be high demand for a particular flight, they may adjust their schedule to ensure that the flight is available. Additionally, airlines may make changes to their schedules in order to optimize their staffing. By doing so, they can ensure that they have the right number of employees working at any given time.

"Preliminary schedules are published 331 days in advance and then adjustments are made closer in based on the schedule we intend to operate," American said to CNN in a statement. "We are now loading schedule adjustments approximately 100 days in advance, which is in line with how we adjusted our schedule in 2019 prior to the pandemic."

Unforeseen events highlight the many challenges airlines are facing this summer. Severe weather can cause flight cancellations and delays, while staff shortages can result in missed connections and long waits for passengers. Air traffic control delays can also cause havoc for airline schedules.

31K flights is a big schedule trim. But we live in a new world, at the very least several years. Carriers are going to be doing a lot of network adjustments like this. One of the big challenges for them is staffing. That will be an issue for years as we've said in these pages before.

  • That’s too bad, maybe some other airlines will prosper from this move

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