Boeing Resumes 787 Dreamliner Deliveries, American Receives First Jet

August 10, 2022

American Airlines Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner

Today American Airlines took delivery of its first Boeing 787-8 aircraft since April 2021 (and the first 787 overall), when deliveries were halted by the FAA due to production flaws.

The Boeing 787-8 aircraft, registered as N880BJ, was delivered this morning from Boeing's production plant in Charleston, South Carolina.

This delivery marks American Airlines' fleet of 47 active 787 family aircraft, with an additional 42 on order. The Federal Aviation Administration and Boeing have worked closely together to ensure a safe and successful review process to get deliveries back underway.

Boeing's planes are a major source of revenue for the plane maker, and the majority of the cost of an aircraft is paid upon delivery. However, Boeing has had to compensate customers for the delays in getting the planes to market.

Boeing has been facing production defects and a drop in output for much of the past two years, which has led to a halt in deliveries. Earlier this year, Boeing said that the defects and the production hold will cost it $5.5 billion.

“Every action and decision influences our customers’ trust in Boeing — we build trust one airplane at a time,” Stan Deal, CEO of Boeing’s commercial airplanes unit, wrote in a note to staff Wednesday. “We’ll continue to take the time needed to ensure each one meets our highest quality standards.”

The 787 Dreamliner, Boeing's newest plane design that is often used for long-haul international routes, has been in short supply this year. Airlines like American and United have had to go without their new planes during a resurgence in demand for such trips.

This is welcome news for Boeing as the cash flow from deliveries will be massive once deliveries scale up. Adding the fact that the 737 MAX fiasco seems behind them and it's clearly upward momentum for the plane maker.

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