Delta Cuts 5 Regional Routes Citing Low Demand – High Costs

August 11, 2022

Delta Airlines

Delta Air Lines has cut 5 regional routes in the Midwest this week citing low demand and high operating costs for the axe.

The Business Insider reports Delta has cut flights from Detroit, Michigan (4 routes) and one other from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Delta and SkyWest Airlines, which is a Delta subsidiary, operate all of the routes. Endeavor Air, which is wholly owned by Delta, operates all of the flights

"We continue to monitor and adjust our flight schedules as needed on an ongoing basis; staying in line with current customer demand trends," Delta told Insider.

List of Routes Ended:

October 5th: Minneapolis-St. Paul and Moline, Illinois.

October 5th: Detroit and Fort Wayne, Indiana.

October 5th: Detroit and Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

October 5th: Detroit and Dayton, Ohio.

September 11th: Detroit and Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Delta is continuing to cut routes, but is also adding at least one new one. On October 6, the carrier will start flying between Boston and White Plains, New York. This new route will be operated by Delta's regional affiliate Republic Airways.

While air travel continues to rebound in a big way (which is obviously a good thing), a lot of smaller, regional routes are falling by the wayside across all of the carriers. These routes are proving problematic in terms of turning a profit. Hopefully as some time passes this will change.

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