IATA Blasts Canadian Government for Not Easing Covid-19 Travel Restrictions

July 15, 2022


The IATA (International Air Transport Association), the trade association that represents the majority of the world's airlines, criticized the Canadian government (Canada) for its ongoing, punitive Covid-19 travel restrictions and is calling on the government to 'urgently discontinue' them.

The IATA says Canada is 'out of step' with the trend of looser/ending rules, restrictions and is even partly to blame for travel delays and disruptions hitting Canada's airports.

“Canada has become a total outlier in managing COVID-19 and travel. While governments across the globe are rolling back restrictions, the Government of Canada is reinstating them. The Government should follow the lead of its peers, including, for example, Australia. While that country had some of the toughest travel restrictions during the height of the pandemic, it has now lifted these, including the vaccination requirement. Rather than following this example and enabling travel and tourism to recover, those in power in Canada believe that throwing more red tape at the pandemic is the way forward,” said Peter Cerda, IATA’s Regional Vice President for the Americas.

The IATA is calling on the Government of Canada to remove random testing for arriving international passengers in to their country, end the vaccination requirement mandate, utilize ArriveCAN solely as a tool for entry in the customs procedure (it is currently used for the capturing and validating COVID-19 related health and vaccination information which slows down customs) and to put and end to mask mandates.

A detailed explanation of these recommendations can be found here.

My Take: The IATA concludes its recommendation by saying Canada, in essence, is using rules from 2 years ago when it comes to Covid-19. Everyone understands the threat but at some point we have to move forward and let people move about freely, especially when statistics prove Covid-19 is no longer a pandemic!

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