London Heathrow Airport to Limit Passenger Numbers Through Summer

July 12, 2022

London's Heathrow Airport is taking the unprecedented step of capping passenger numbers for the summer in an effort to quell the travel chaos at their airport.

Heathrow is telling airlines to stop selling tickets as it deals with soaring travel demand and staff shortages. Frequent flyers and travelers on airlines and at airports are feeling the effects of the situation as they are often standing in security lines for hours...which for many of them end up not flying at all due to cancelled flights.

Travelers are already feeling the pain of the summer travel disaster. With Heathrow putting a cap on passenger numbers, airlines are canceling even more flights. This is in addition to the thousands of flights that have already been canceled as a result of the carriers worker shortfall and operational challenges.

Travelers are Being Warned to Expect Even More Delays this Summer at Heathrow

Travelers are being warned to expect even more delays this summer. Heathrow says that airlines are expected to operate flights with an overall daily capacity of 104,000 seats, or 4,000 more than the airport can handle. Only about 1,500 of the 4,000 extra daily seats have been sold to passengers. This could mean long delays for those flying during the peak summer travel months.

Airline/Airport Delays and Disruptions Likely the Norm...For Awhile at Least

Heathrow, one of the world's busiest airports, has been struggling to cope with staff shortages and the surge in passenger demand following two years of pandemic disruptions. This has resulted in frequent flyer and traveler complaints about long lines, lack of seating, and general chaos at the airport.

Airlines have also been affected, with many forced to cancel or delay flights due to the lack of personnel. In order to mitigate the situation, airport officials are urging passengers to arrive early and be prepared for delays. They are also working on increasing staff numbers in order to get back to operating at full capacity.

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