Lufthansa Set to Cancel Nearly All Flights in Germany Due to Walkout

July 26, 2022

Lufthansa 747

Lufthansa plans to cancel nearly all its flights in Germany on Wednesday as a sizable percentage of the airline's employees are set to walk off the job for wage disputes.

Almost 700 flights have already been cancelled at Frankfurt (FRA) and nearly 400 at Munich, but the number is expected to jump significantly by tomorrow.

Lufthansa has said they will do their best to rebook flyers on other flights but warned that the success rate is likely to be low due to the sheer limitation of flights.

Lufthansa Walkout Involves Technical and Logistical Arms of Carrier - Airline Head Critical of Timing with Workers

Michael Niggemann, who Lufthansa's Chief Personnel Officer, said the walkout is very bad timing.

“This so-called warning strike in the middle of the peak summer travel season is simply no longer proportionate,” he said.

Lufthansa's cancellations aren't just attributed to the coming walkout as the airline has been struggling with staffing issues like many other airlines worldwide.

Those flyers who are not affected by a cancellation will almost certainly be affected by delays, especially at the aforementioned airports.

Make sure you check your flight status regularly and have a backup plan.

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