United Airlines Gets Approval from FAA for Boeing 777 Jets’ Return to Service

May 17, 2022

United Airlines Boeing 777

United Airlines announced that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has cleared their way for 52 of the carrier's Boeing 777s that are powered by Pratt & Whitney engines to return to service after an engine failure grounded them in February 2021, as reported by CNBC.

One of United’s 777-200's heading for Honolulu from Denver suffered an engine failure and dropped debris in a residential area before returning to Denver.

There were no injuries reported.

Andrew Nocella, United Airlines' Chief Commercial Officer said:

“Late last night, the FAA issued the final paperwork on our Pratt & Whitney-powered triple sevens.”

United plans to add the 52 aircraft gradually back in to the active fleet as the jets get approval from the FAA.

United's 777 Fleet are Vital to Their Long-Haul Routes

United's 777-200s are smaller than the 300s in their fleet but constitute double the amount of their 777 stable.

Obviously getting them back in the air is paramount for their long-haul strategy.

Image: pkozmin

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