United Airlines Says FAA Should Take Part of the Blame for Summer Travel Bottlenecks

July 12, 2022

Airport crowds and delays are the norm these days

Executives at United Airlines believe that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) should shoulder some of the blame for the summer's disaster of delayed and cancelled flights which has hit airlines and airports around the world.

This is in contrast to the government's denial of any responsibility. The FAA is being at least partly blamed for air traffic control problems and other infrastructure issues as the cause of mounting cancellations over the summer's busiest travel days. 

Flyers are Frustrated with Ongoing Flight Cancellations and Long Airport Screening Times

Frequent flyers and travelers have been more than expressing their frustration with the current state of air travel. Many are ready to pack their bags and see the world once more, but the reality is far different from their expectations. 

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) reports screening millions of passengers daily, but irregular operations and cancellations continue to plague the industry.

Some believe that the government should do more to improve the situation, while a segment of travelers are content to wait it out and not take to the skies, although they appear to be in the minority.

Regardless of the cause, many are simply ready for things to get back to normal and frustration has reached a boiling point.

Some Concede There is No End in Sight Unless the Government Helps

The reality is that there are just more flights scheduled industrywide than the (air traffic control) staffing system can handle," United chief operations officer Roitman said in an internal memo, as quoted by Reuters. "Until that is resolved, we expect the U.S. aviation system will remain challenged this summer and beyond."

The huge post-pandemic surge in passengers is overrunning airlines, with frequent flyers and travelers on complaining of cancelled flights, staff shortages and pilot issues.

One United official believes that the FAA also holds blame for the issues at hand, claiming that the lack of available air traffic controllers is creating bottlenecks. This has led to massive flight cancellations for airlines across the board.

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