United to End Service Between San Diego and Los Angeles

July 16, 2022

United Airlines

Delta will be the only carrier left that offers the San Diego - Los Angeles route after United ends service.

In a somewhat surprising move, United Airlines said they will end service between San Diego (SAN) and Los Angeles (LAX) with their last flight on October 28th.

A spokesperson confirmed the move to a number of local news outlets in San Diego and cited 'several factors' for the cut, including customer demand and operational resources.

“We regularly review our schedules and make adjustments as needed,” said Maddie King of United. “We will continue to serve other routes, which include Denver, Newark/New York, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Houston and San Francisco.”

This leaves Delta Air Lines as the only carrier that offers non-stop service between the two cities.

The reports go on to say that load factor was lagging on the route with the figure at 66 percent.

My Take: There are still many routes that have been and will be cut post-pandemic around the world. SAN-LAX can be accomplished by car in about 2 hours so that has to figure in to the lag as well. Though somewhat surprising, airlines are making ruthless cuts in order to maximize profits post-pandemic.

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