Fractional Jet Company Volato Enters Gulfstream G280 Fleet Agreement

September 16, 2022

Fractional Jet Firm Volato has announced an agreement with Gulfstream on a fleet order of 4 G280 jets to join their existing HondaJet Elite stable.

Volato is expanding its business model to service a greater share of the private aviation market by fractionalizing the Gulfstream G280. This will be the first company to offer this service, and it will take delivery of its first G280 aircraft in early 2024.

With Volato's program, the ten-seat configured Gulfstream G280 offers unique benefits to fractional customers in the super-mid cabin segment: you can fly as little or as much as you want, and earn revenue every time your aircraft flies a live mission.

Their evolving business model is tabbed "The most efficient way to fly luxury private with four or fewer passengers" to "The most efficient, friendly and rewarding way to experience a luxury private jet."

"When we launched Volato, our strategy was to initially target the largest segment of the market that was not being directly addressed: short haul flights with only a few passengers," said Matt Liotta, Co-Founder and CEO of Volato. "From listening to our customers' needs and recognizing that our innovative business model is not just limited to light jets, we are excited to expand our model to larger aircraft so that HondaJet owners can fly their edge case missions that are farther or with more passengers, while welcoming a new category of luxury private jet customer to Volato's superior experience."

The Gulfstream G280 is a great option for those looking for a large in-cabin experience with great fuel efficiency. It has a revolutionary wing design and engine technology that results in prime fuel efficiency, reducing operational costs and supporting environmental sustainability.

Volato will offset the CO2 in every gallon of fuel through its program with 4AIR, continuing its commitment to minimize its environmental footprint.

"When considering expanding our fleet offerings, the cabin experience and operating efficiency were important considerations," said Nicholas Cooper, Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer of Volato. "Gulfstream and the G280 was the clear choice as being best in class and we are excited to begin this relationship with Gulfstream."

Volato's Gulfstream G280 fleet will provide service to the United States and nearby countries. This aircraft is perfect for private aviation needs, with its direct fractional ownership or access through HondaJet fractional ownership.

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