Kenneth Holland - SkyGoFly Founder

Kenneth Holland

Founder and CEO

Kenneth Holland is an internet publisher and entrepreneur with over 20 years experience and the founder and CEO of SkyGoFly. He is also the original founder of Airnation, an aviation intelligence portal that was acquired in 2014.

Kenneth has also built online brands in motorsports, food and beverage and online video consulting.

Kenneth resides in Scottsdale, Arizona.


Kenneth's Latest Posts:

I love cheese perhaps as much as an onshore breeze in Phoenix (if there was one). In fact, if you don’t love cheese you’re either lactose intolerant or your not a freedom-loving yankee. Now that I’ve clarified that dairy is king…About 2 months ago I flew to Appleton, Wisconsin to escort a package for an airline that

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The summer or air travel discontent knows no boundaries. It does not discriminate nor does it give preference…or charity.Ok, enough of my poetic drivel. Here are the facts:Over 12,000 flights were either delayed or cancelled over this past weekend for flights that flew within or out of the United States.Flightaware reported the statistics over the

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