Kenneth Holland - SkyGoFly Founder

Kenneth Holland

Founder and CEO

Kenneth Holland is an internet publisher and entrepreneur with over 20 years experience and the founder and CEO of SkyGoFly. He is also the original founder of Airnation, an aviation intelligence portal that was acquired in 2014.

Kenneth has also built online brands in motorsports, food and beverage and online video consulting.

Kenneth resides in Scottsdale, Arizona.


Kenneth's Latest Posts:

As everyone knows, the whole damn airport system melted down on Wednesday because some FAA software safety system failed…and caused all U.S. flights to be grounded…and delayed. It’s actually called NOTAM and…well, the whole shebang went kaput.(SIDEBAR: it stands for ‘Notice to All Air Missions’ and sounds way too close to NORAD. Somebody call Matthew Broderick.

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I recently had the distinct honor (spoken with a slight pinch of sarcasm) of flying Business Class on an American flight cross country. Always a win over being forced to have your legs feeling like they’re getting crushed between 2 cabs in New York City…aka… coach.But alas there was an issue:Noisy brat alert on aisle 7,

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