Kenneth Holland - SkyGoFly Founder

Kenneth Holland

Founder and CEO

Kenneth Holland is an internet publisher and entrepreneur with over 20 years experience and the founder and CEO of SkyGoFly. He is also the original founder of Airnation, an aviation intelligence portal that was acquired in 2014.

Kenneth has also built online brands in motorsports, food and beverage and online video consulting.

Kenneth resides in Scottsdale, Arizona.


Kenneth's Latest Posts:

If you are an international traveler wanting to know Spain’s Covid travel restrictions, we possibly have some bad news for you (depending on your position on the pandemic)… Spain has announced that it will be extending its existing COVID-19 entry restrictions for another month, until June 15.  “The border order to be issued by the Minister for

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Did you know that Santorini Island was formed by a miracle? It’s true. That is if you believe Greek Gods with poor judgement. Enter Euphemus…he was an Argonaut hunter and the son of Poseidon. Poseidon granted him the power to walk on water and, apparently…he was good with the ladies as well… Lore has it that the Greeks

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