Flights to Utah

If you’ve ever pondered soaring over the mesmerizing landscapes of Utah, you’re in for a treat. Utah, with its stunning natural beauty, has a rich history in commercial aviation. The state’s skies have been graced by aircraft since the early 20th century, evolving from humble beginnings to a bustling hub of air traffic.

Flights to Utah (Salt Lake City)
Flights to Utah (Salt Lake City)

Today, you can hop on flights operated by major airlines like Delta, United, and American Airlines, among others. These carriers, along with several others, ferry passengers to popular destinations such as Salt Lake City International Airport, which serves as a major gateway to the state, and other notable airports like St. George Regional and Provo Municipal.

These airports not only connect Utah to the rest of the United States but also to numerous international destinations. Whether you’re planning a ski trip to the Wasatch Mountains or a scenic tour of Zion National Park, getting there has never been easier.

So, go ahead and explore this page and SkyGoFly to discover the best flights that will whisk you away to the breathtaking vistas of Utah.

Airports in Utah to Fly To

Salt Lake City International Airport

Ah, Salt Lake City International Airport, or as I like to call it, the grand central station of the Utah skies. This bustling hub is not just a gateway to Utah’s stunning landscapes but also a testament to modern aviation. Nestled conveniently in the capital city, it’s the largest and busiest airport in the state, and quite frankly, where most travelers begin their Utah adventure.

A Hub for Domestic and International Flights

Salt Lake City International Airport serves a multitude of airlines and offers a wide range of destinations, both domestic and international. It’s like a crossroads of the world, but with more snow-capped mountains in the backdrop. From this airport, you can jet off to Paris for a croissant or to New York for a slice of pizza, and of course, anywhere in between.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

The airport itself is a marvel. After a recent renovation, it boasts state-of-the-art facilities, making layovers less of a chore and more of an experience. Think spacious terminals, a plethora of dining options, and lounges that make you feel like you’re in a luxury resort rather than an airport. It’s the kind of place where you might not mind your flight being delayed – just kidding, who am I kidding, everyone wants to get to their destination on time.

A Nod to Sustainability

What really sets Salt Lake City International Airport apart, besides its impressive size and range of flights, is its commitment to sustainability. It’s like the airport is giving Mother Nature a big, warm hug. With eco-friendly initiatives, it’s paving the way for green travel.

A Gateway to Utah’s Wonders

So, when you choose to fly into Salt Lake City International, you’re not just choosing convenience and connectivity; you’re also stepping into a piece of Utah’s proud aviation history. And who knows, you might even bump into a skier or two, ready to hit the nearby slopes. Remember, whether you’re here for business, pleasure, or a bit of both, this airport is your first step into the majestic world of Utah.

St. George Regional Airport

Welcome to St. George Regional Airport, the desert gem of Utah’s aviation scene. It’s like finding an oasis, but instead of water, it’s filled with airplanes and the promise of adventure. Located in the scenic southwestern part of the state, this airport might be smaller than its Salt Lake City counterpart, but it packs a punch in terms of convenience and charm.

Gateway to Southern Utah’s Wonders

St. George Regional Airport serves as a gateway to the natural wonders of southern Utah. Think of it as your starting line for a marathon of breathtaking experiences, from exploring Zion National Park to marvelling at the red rocks of Bryce Canyon. This airport might not have flights to Paris, but it does offer a direct flight and access to some of the most stunning landscapes in the United States.

Cozy and Efficient

The beauty of flying into a smaller airport like St. George Regional is the lack of overwhelming crowds. It’s like being invited to a VIP event where everyone gets the VIP treatment. The airport’s cozy size means shorter lines, less hassle, and a more personalized experience. You’ll spend less time navigating through terminals and more time soaking in the Utah sun.

Ideal for Regional Travelers

For those looking to hop around the region, St. George Regional Airport is a perfect choice. It’s like having a regional travel trampoline, ready to bounce you to nearby destinations. With flights primarily offered by regional carriers, it’s an ideal hub for business travelers and vacationers alike who are focused on exploring the American Southwest.

A Touch of Local Flair

Don’t forget to enjoy the local touch that St. George Regional Airport offers. The airport reflects the unique charm of its surrounding area, giving travelers a taste of local hospitality right from the moment they land. From friendly staff to regional décor, it’s an experience that large international airports might struggle to match.

So, when you’re planning your next trip to Utah and prefer a more intimate and scenic start to your journey, consider flying into St. George Regional Airport. It’s not just a point of arrival; it’s the beginning of your southern Utah adventure.

The Top Airlines That Fly into Utah

Flying into the Beehive State isn’t just about choosing an airport; it’s also about picking the right airline. Like choosing a trusty steed for your Wild West adventure, selecting an airline can make all the difference. Let’s saddle up and look at the top airlines that’ll get you to Utah with style, comfort, and maybe a tiny bag of peanuts.

American Airlines

American Airlines, a true veteran in the skies, is like that reliable old friend who’s always there when you need them. They offer a robust network of direct flights to Utah, especially to Salt Lake City, ensuring that no matter where you’re coming from, they’ve probably got a flight for you. It’s like having a direct line to the heart of Utah’s wonders.

Perks and Comfort

With American Airlines, you can expect a certain level of comfort and amenities. Whether you’re flying economy or splurging on first class, they’ve got you covered with in-flight entertainment, snacks, and that extra legroom that can make all the difference on a longer flight. It’s like the difference between riding in a stagecoach and a comfy carriage.

United Airlines

United Airlines doesn’t just fly you to Utah; it connects Utah to the world. Their extensive flight network means you can start your journey in places as far-flung as Tokyo or London and end up in the majestic mountains of Utah. It’s like having a magic carpet, but with more legroom and fewer flying monkeys.

Rewards for Regulars

For the frequent flyers among us, United’s loyalty program can be a godsend. Rack up those miles and you might just find yourself upgrading to seats that recline just a bit further or enjoying lounge access, where the snacks are free and the Wi-Fi is strong. It’s like being part of an exclusive club, but without the secret handshake.

Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines is the maverick of the skies, perfect for the budget-conscious traveler. If you’re looking to get to Utah without breaking the bank, Spirit is your go-to. It’s like finding a great deal at a western outpost – sure, it has cheap flights that’s no frills, but it gets the job done.

Packing Smart

With Spirit, the key is to pack smart. Since they charge for extra luggage, it’s like playing a game of Tetris with your suitcase. But if you can master the art of packing light, you’ll find yourself saving a bundle and still enjoying a comfortable flight. It’s all about making the most of what you have – a true pioneer spirit.

Air Canada

Air Canada, Canada’s largest airline, offers a delightful twist for those heading to Utah. It’s like taking a scenic detour through the Great White North before landing in the rugged landscapes of the American Southwest. With Air Canada, you can start your journey amidst the maple leaves and end it under the Utah stars.

A Touch of Canadian Hospitality

When you fly with Air Canada, you’re not just a passenger; you’re a guest. Their renowned Canadian hospitality means you’re greeted with a smile and treated with courtesy throughout your journey. It’s like being welcomed with a warm, Canadian hug, but at 35,000 feet. And let’s not forget the poutine – well, maybe not on the flight, but one can dream!

Connections Galore

One of the best things about Air Canada is its extensive network. Connecting through cities like Toronto or Vancouver, you can now find flights on your way to Utah from virtually anywhere in the world. It’s like playing a global game of connect-the-dots, with Salt Lake City being the ultimate destination dot.

A Cabin for Every Traveler

Whether you’re flying economy or splurging on business class, Air Canada has a spot for you. Their cabins are designed with comfort in mind, ensuring that your journey is as enjoyable as the destination. Imagine reclining in your seat, watching a movie, and momentarily forgetting you’re even in the air. That’s the Air Canada experience.

Smart Travel Tips: Timing Your Trip to Utah

Planning a trip to Utah doesn’t have to break the bank. With a little savvy planning and some insider knowledge, you can find yourself exploring the natural wonders of Utah without wondering how much you’ve overspent on airfare. Let’s dive into some tips that will make your wallet as happy as your travel spirit.

Finding the Cheapest Month to Fly

The Sweet Spot of Savings

When it comes to flying to Utah on a budget, timing is everything. Generally speaking, January is often the cheapest month to find cheap tickets to fly to Utah. It’s like the calm after the holiday storm – the festive rush is over, and airlines are eager to fill seats. Plus, Utah in January is a snowy wonderland, perfect for skiing enthusiasts and winter wonderland admirers.

Best Place to Land in Utah

Salt Lake City: A Hub of Affordability

While Utah has several airports, Salt Lake City International Airport often emerges as the best place to fly into for both convenience and cost. It’s like hitting the jackpot of travel efficiency: a major hub with popular flight routes and competitive pricing. The sheer volume of flights going through here increases your chances of snagging a great deal.

Cheapest Days to Fly: Hitting the Jackpot

Midweek Magic

If you’re looking for the best days to book your flight, aim for Tuesdays and Wednesdays. These midweek days are like the hidden gems of airline pricing. Most travelers tend to start or end their trips closer to the weekend, so by choosing these days, you’re not only likely to save money but also to enjoy less crowded flights. It’s like having the airplane aisle all to yourself for a mid-air happy dance (though, you might want to keep the dancing to a minimum).

The Early Bird Gets the Deal

Also, don’t forget the time of the day airlines fly. Flying early in the morning or late at night can often yield cheaper fares. It’s a bit like going to a matinee movie – the experience is the same, but the price is just a little sweeter.

Things to Do in Utah: More Than Just a Pretty Place

Utah isn’t just a state you fly into; it’s a playground of natural wonders and cultural delights. Whether you’re strapping on skis or donning your film critic hat, there’s something in Utah that’s bound to tickle your fancy. Let’s explore some of the must-do activities that make this state a bucket-list destination.

Ski Baby…Ski!

Hitting the Slopes

If “ski” is your middle name (or even if it’s not), Utah is your winter wonderland. With world-class ski resorts like Park City, Deer Valley, and Alta, you’re spoilt for choice. These places are like the Beyoncé of ski resorts – famous, fabulous, and they never disappoint. Picture yourself gliding down powdery slopes with the backdrop of Utah’s majestic mountains – it’s like dancing on snowflakes.

Après-Ski Fun

And let’s not forget the après-ski scene. After a day on the slopes, these resorts offer everything from cozy fireplaces to sip hot cocoa by, to lively bars where you can share tales of your skiing prowess (or graceful falls). It’s the perfect way to thaw out and chill out.

The Incredible National Parks

A Hiker’s and Photographer’s Paradise

Utah’s national parks are like nature’s version of a blockbuster movie – epic, awe-inspiring, and a must-see. From the soaring arches of Arches National Park to the dramatic canyons of Zion, these parks offer endless opportunities for hiking, photography, and general jaw-dropping. It’s like Mother Nature went all out with her paintbrush and chisel.

Unforgettable Scenic Drives

And if hiking isn’t your thing, the scenic drives through these parks are like a road trip through a living postcard. Every turn brings a new, breathtaking view. Just remember to keep your eyes on the road and not just on the scenery!

Sundance Film Festival

A Mecca for Movie Lovers

For a dash of glamour and a peek at potential Oscar contenders, time your visit to coincide with the Sundance Film Festival. Held annually in Park City, it’s like the indie film world’s prom night – exciting, full of stars, and a little bit unpredictable. You might rub shoulders with the next big director or spot your favorite actor in line for popcorn.

Beyond the Screen

But Sundance is more than just films. There are panel discussions, music events, and parties where you can mingle with artists and other film enthusiasts. It’s a cultural smorgasbord set against the backdrop of snowy mountains. Think Hollywood, but with more layers and less smog.

Where to Stay in Utah: Your Home Away from Home

Utah isn’t just about breathtaking landscapes and cultural festivities; it’s also about finding that perfect spot to rest your head after a day full of adventures. From luxurious resorts to cozy inns, Utah has a plethora of options to suit every style and budget. Let’s take a peek at some of the top places to stay, each offering its unique flavor of Utah hospitality.

Crystal Inn Hotel

A Gem in the City

The Crystal Inn Hotel is like finding a diamond in the rough. Nestled in various locations, including Salt Lake City, this hotel offers comfort and convenience without breaking the bank. It’s like your wise, budget-friendly aunt who knows how to pamper you without splurging too much.

Amenities Galore

Expect spacious rooms, complimentary breakfast (because who doesn’t love free waffles?), and an indoor pool that’s like a mini-oasis. The Crystal Inn is perfect for travelers who want a comfortable, no-fuss stay with all the essential amenities.

Deer Valley Resort

Luxury in the Mountains

For those looking to splurge a bit, Deer Valley Resort is like the Rolls-Royce of mountain resorts. Located in Park City, this ski-in/ski-out resort offers luxury accommodations with breathtaking mountain views. It’s like staying in a postcard.

Indulge and Enjoy

At Deer Valley, you can expect top-notch service, gourmet dining experiences, and the kind of spa that makes you forget about the outside world. It’s ideal for those seeking a lavish retreat after a long day of skiing or hiking.

Little America Hotel

A Touch of Elegance

Little America Hotel, with locations including Salt Lake City, offers a blend of elegance and comfort. It’s like that classy friend who knows how to throw a great dinner party – sophisticated but welcoming.

Comfort Meets Style

With beautifully appointed rooms, a heated outdoor pool, and fine dining options, this hotel provides a luxurious yet homey experience. Whether you’re in town for business or leisure, Little America Hotel ensures your stay is as enjoyable as it is comfortable.

Hyatt Place Moab

Modern Comfort Near the Parks

Hyatt Place Moab is the modern traveler’s haven. Located close to the Arches and Canyonlands National Parks, it’s like having a stylish base camp for your outdoor adventures.

Amenities for the Active Traveler

Offering comfortable rooms, a fitness center, and an outdoor pool, it’s the perfect place to recharge after a day of exploring. Hyatt Place Moab combines convenience, comfort, and modern amenities, making it a great choice for those who want the best of both worlds – adventure and relaxation.


As we’ve journeyed together through the splendors of Utah, from the convenience and connectivity of its major airports like Salt Lake City International and St. George Regional to the top-notch airlines like American, United, and Air Canada that bring you here, Utah’s allure is unmistakable. Whether you’re carving down the ski slopes, exploring the awe-inspiring national parks, or immersing yourself in the cultural tapestry at the Sundance Film Festival, Utah offers a diverse canvas of experiences.

And with a range of accommodations from the luxurious Deer Valley Resort to the comfortable and chic Hyatt Place Moab, your stay is guaranteed to be as memorable as the adventures you embark on. So, pack your bags and set your sights on Utah, where every visit is not just a trip but an unfolding story of discovery and delight. Utah awaits, ready to offer you its myriad of treasures!

Frequently Asked Questions about Flying to Utah

Q: What are the major airports in Utah for travelers?
A: The major airports in Utah include Salt Lake City International Airport, the largest and most bustling hub in the state, and St. George Regional Airport, known for its convenience and charm, especially for travelers heading to southern Utah.

Q: What are some of the top airlines flying into Utah?
A: Key airlines serving Utah are American Airlines, United Airlines, and Spirit Airlines, each offering different experiences. For international flights, Air Canada provides a unique option with extensive connections.

Q: When is the cheapest month to fly to Utah?
A: January is often the cheapest month to fly to Utah. This period post-holiday season typically sees lower flight prices and travel dates.

Q: Which airport in Utah is typically the most budget-friendly to fly into?
A: Salt Lake City International Airport is often the best choice for both affordability and convenience, thanks to its status as a major travel hub.

Q: What are the cheapest days of the week to fly to Utah?
A: Tuesdays and Wednesdays are generally the cheapest days to fly, with fewer travelers and more competitive pricing to book flights.

Q: What are some must-do activities in Utah?
A: Top activities in Utah include skiing at world-class resorts like Park City and Deer Valley, exploring the incredible national parks such as Arches and Zion, and attending the Sundance Film Festival for film enthusiasts.

Q: What are some recommended places to stay in Utah?
A: Recommended accommodations vary from the luxurious Deer Valley Resort in Park City to the comfortable and modern Hyatt Place Moab. For a balance of elegance and comfort, Little America Hotel is a great choice, and for budget-friendly options, Crystal Inn Hotel is ideal.

Q: Is Utah a good destination for both winter and summer activities?
A: Absolutely! Utah is renowned for its ski resorts and winter sports opportunities, while summer brings the beauty of its national parks to the forefront, perfect for hiking, photography, and scenic drives.

Q: Are there any tips for finding affordable flights to Utah?
A: To find affordable flights, consider flying during off-peak times like early mornings or late evenings, and aim for midweek travel. Booking in advance and monitoring flight prices can also help secure better flight deals elsewhere.

Q: Is Utah suitable for family travel?
A: Utah is very family-friendly, offering activities and attractions that cater to all ages, from outdoor adventures in the national parks to educational and fun experiences at various museums and cultural sites.