Proposal for Expanding Forum Categories to Encourage More Discussions and Topics

Al Schard

I know this board has just recently started and have greatly appreciated Lee and Ken's work to get this up (and away from Facebook!). Recently, I've been thinking that the introduction of additional discussion categories could significantly enhance SkyGoFly's vibrancy, inclusivity and growth.

By expanding our category list, we can foster a more organized and focused environment for discussions. This structure would not only make it easier for members to find topics they are passionate about but also encourage the exploration of new subjects.

I think it's a tad shallow at the moment.

Introducing more categories could lead to a proliferation of topics, enriching our forum with a wider array of perspectives and ideas. This expansion aligns with our community's goal of being an inclusive and diverse platform for sharing knowledge and opinions.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this suggestion. Do you think more categories would enhance our forum experience? Are there specific areas or topics you feel are currently underrepresented and deserve their own space?

Thanks in advance everyone!