Robert Crandall: Boeing is in Deep Trouble

Al Schard

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Did you catch Robert Crandall's latest chat on Bloomberg? The guy's a straight-up aviation legend, having steered American Airlines as the big boss for a quarter-century. He's the brains behind that first-ever frequent flyer program and turned the whole hub and spoke system into what it basically is today. Well, now he's popping up on TV like he's gunning for a late-night talk show gig, except he's dishing on Boeing instead of cracking jokes.

So, here's the tea: Crandall's been pretty vocal about how everyone's giving Boeing the side-eye lately. Between their recent rough patch and what feels like a game of musical chairs in their exec suite, it's like watching a soap opera. But instead of love triangles and amnesia plots, it's about airplanes and corporate drama. Classic Boeing, am I right?

He basically said, "Listen, folks are worried about Boeing," and who can blame them? When a guy with Crandall's rep talks, you know it's not just hot air. He's seen it all, done it all, and probably invented half of it along the way. So, when he points out there's a storm brewing over at Boeing, you bet something big is going down.

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