The FAA and Boeing: The Blind Leading the Blind Who Leads the Blind!

Al Schard

Oh, the FAA decides to 'step up their game' with Boeing now? Talk about a day late and a dollar short! It's like having the blind leading the blind. Here's the FAA, suddenly waking up and smelling the aviation fuel, deciding it's time to play big brother with Boeing's 737 Max 9 production. Let's not forget, this is the same FAA that's been cozying up with airplane manufacturers for years, practically handing over the inspection clipboard.

And Boeing...they've been stumbling around like a lost kid in a candy store, no idea which way is up. This isn't a sudden revelation; Boeing's compass has been spinning in circles for years now. First, it's the 737 Max 8 drama, and now they're taking a magnifying glass to the 737 Max 9. It's like watching a soap opera, except it's real life and the plot is an endless loop of production blunders and risking the flying public's lives (and taking them!)

The best part? The FAA thinks an "independent third party" overseeing inspections is the groundbreaking solution. Because that's what we need, another layer of bureaucracy to pretend like they're solving problems. It's like putting a Band-Aid on a leaky dam and calling it a day. Boeing lost its way a long time ago, and now the FAA is just putting on a show, pretending to tighten the reins. best!
The Federal Aviation Administration will increase its oversight of Boeing production and manufacturing, the agency said Friday, one day after announcing it had opened an investigation.

The FAA says it will audit Boeing's 737 Max 9 production line and its suppliers "to evaluate Boeing’s compliance with its approved quality procedures."