Delta to Open JFK Lounge in 2024

Delta’s much-anticipated Delta One Club lounge at JFK has now been pushed back to “summer 2024.” What’s another season when you’ve been holding your breath for premium luxury, right? At least they’re finally rolling this out…albeit in what feels like geological time.

Delta can't decide on the name?

And speaking of names, Delta seems to be suffering from an identity crisis. Once upon a time, the airline was excited to label these swanky dens as Delta One Club lounges. But oh, how the mighty have faltered. Now, we’re told the name might not even stick, and they’re being vaguely referred to as “premium lounges.” Are we expecting a rebrand? Is Delta One too mainstream now?

Frequent flyers need not apply...

Let’s talk about exclusivity, the crème de la crème of lounge culture. We all remember the SkyMiles debacle…Delta’s not-so-great attempt at creating a loyalty program that ended up overcrowding their Sky Club lounges with, dare I say it, the hoi polloi. This time, Delta has made it crystal clear: only the business class folk are getting through those golden gates. Medallion Diamond members? You’ll still be slumming it in the nearby Sky Club. Harsh, but fair? Well, if the goal is to avoid a ‘standing-room-only’ lounge situation, this move makes total sense.

All in all, Delta’s new premium lounges may well be the lounges we’ve all been waiting for. Just don’t hold your breath on the opening date…or the name, for that matter. Until then, cheers to aspirational luxury and exclusive solitude. 

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