Dirty Hyatt Hotel Rooms: What Happened to “Wash Your Hands”??

Washing your hands (except in a Hyatt) obviously isn’t as involved an endeavor as cleaning your entire room…
…and as we all know hand washing your hands has taken on an all-new meaning…yet I digress…
Apparently some Hyatt Hotel properties don’t think we need clean sheets or towels.
Gary Leff from ‘View from the Wing’ reported that some Hyatt Hotels are not cleaning their rooms. Now, when I say ‘not cleaning’ this means they either will not clean it every day or will not clean it unless asked.
Apparently, the days of having housekeeping come in and scrub up your digs ain’t gonna happen unless you ask.
(BTW: is the term ‘maids’ out in today’s vernacular?)
Examples (for your perusal):
The Hyatt Regency Wichita offers housekeeping only every 4th night, unless you’re an elite member.
The Hyatt Regency London Albert Embankment offers housekeeping only on request even for elite members who are supposed to receive it daily by default.
To be fair, I have stayed in a room where I explicitly told housekeeping not to clean my room, mostly because it was hardly messy at all and I would be away until that evening, etc…
But to have a policy of not cleaning the room, or limiting the frequency? That’s just icky. C’mon, if they can clean an airline flight
Let’s keep in mind here: This isn’t your guest bedroom where Aunt Carol the germ Commandant is bunking up while knitting your entire family nose socks. Actual strangers stay in these rooms (like I have to tell you)…and don’t start in on me with your “hay man…we went to ‘Burning Man’ and no one showered for a week and underwear was optional and…”
Good for you.
Also, most hotel properties are franchised out, so the operators choose how they’ll run their hotel. In theory, they have to adhere to certain rules to use the brand, but that does not always happen, as evidenced herein.
Obviously, the big flu changed a lot of things in the hospitality industry, and hotels were forced to cut costs (over 100,000 housekeeping jobs were axed due to the Pandemic). Travel sectors are still recovering and it’ll be years before sales numbers return to how they were, if ever.
I get it. Businesses need to make money and increase margins and they have to cut somewhere. But I find it a little hypocritical when the battle-cry for the last 4 years has been ‘wash your damn hands!!’…

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