Flights from Austin to Midland, TX

Welcome aboard the virtual journey from Austin to Midland, Texas! You’re embarking on a route that connects the vibrant cultural hub of Austin with the bustling energy of Midland. As you, the savvy traveler, know, Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS) is your likely point of departure, where live music and eclectic eateries send you off in true Austin style. Fasten your seatbelt, because in just a short hop, you’ll touch down at Midland International Air and Space Port (MAF), an airport that not only serves your travel needs but also boasts of being the first to be licensed for commercial space launches.

Flights from Austin to Midland, TX
6th Street in Austin, Texas

The flight itself is as smooth as your favorite Texan BBQ sauce, offering a quick and comfortable passage through the heart of Texas. No need to worry about cattle crossings here; you’ll be cruising above them!

So, whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, our booking platform, in partnership with SkyGoFly, invites you to browse and discover the best flights from Austin to Midland airports. Let’s get your next Texan adventure off the ground.

Southwest Airlines: The Only Carrier with Austin to Midland Flights That are Non-Stops

When it comes to whisking you away from Austin to Midland without any pesky layovers, Southwest Airlines stands alone. That’s right, they’re the solo artist in this particular concert of air travel. Think of Southwest as the Willie Nelson of airlines on this route – unique, reliable, and distinctly Texan in spirit.

The Non-Stop Advantage

Imagine savoring a breakfast taco in Austin and, in what feels like a blink of an eye, stepping out for a steak dinner in Midland. That’s the beauty of Southwest’s non-stop flights. No changing planes, no racing through terminals, and certainly no wondering if your luggage is enjoying a detour to a different state. It’s a straight shot across the Texas sky, turning what could be a long, tiring journey into a swift and simple jaunt.

Friendly Skies, Friendlier Service

Southwest isn’t just about getting you from Point A to Point B without a stopover. They’re about doing it with a smile. The airline is known for its friendly staff, who might just crack a joke or two as you cruise at 35,000 feet. It’s like being at a comedy show, but with better views and complimentary peanuts.

Tips for the Savvy Traveler

For those looking for other flights to make the most of this non-stop experience, here are a few tips:

  • Early Bird Gets the Seat: Southwest’s open seating policy means getting there early can snag you that coveted window or aisle seat.

  • Pack Light, Fly Right: With Southwest’s generous baggage policy, you can bring your cowboy boots and hat without worry. But remember, packing light means more overhead space and an easier trip.

  • Stay Connected: Keep an eye on Southwest’s website or app for any special deals or changes. It’s like having a personal travel assistant in your pocket.

The Takeaway

Southwest Airlines’ non-stop flights from Austin to Midland are the perfect blend of convenience, comfort, and a dash of Texas charm. Whether you’re traveling for business or gearing up for a weekend adventure, these two flights to midland offer an efficient and enjoyable way to traverse the Lone Star State. So, saddle up and get ready to enjoy a seamless sky ride with Southwest.

Austin Bergstrom International Airport: Your Launchpad to MAF

Welcome to Austin Bergstrom International Airport (AUS), your first step on a Texan-sized journey to Midland. Think of AUS as the prelude to your travel symphony, setting the tone for a smooth and melodious trip.

A Blend of Austin’s Charm and High-Flying Efficiency

AUS isn’t just any airport; it’s an embodiment of Austin’s eclectic charm. Here, live music isn’t confined to the city’s streets – it’s part of the airport ambiance. Between security checks and boarding announcements, you might catch a local band strumming a tune. It’s like a music festival, but with baggage carousels and flight schedules.

Navigating AUS with Ease

Getting around AUS is a breeze, and that’s not just a reference to the Texas wind. The airport is designed with the traveler in mind, ensuring you can find your gate without needing a map and a compass. And if hunger strikes, you’re in luck. The airport’s eateries offer a taste of Austin, from breakfast tacos to craft beers. It’s like a culinary tour without leaving the terminal.

Tips for a Smooth Departure

To see how many flights ensure your journey from AUS to MAF starts off on the right wing, here are some tips:

  • Early Arrival, Easy Start: Arriving a bit early at AUS isn’t just about security lines; it’s about soaking in the Austin vibe one last time.

  • Parking Like a Pro: Whether you prefer budget-friendly or valet luxury, AUS has parking options that fit every style and wallet.

  • App-solutely Prepared: The AUS airport app is like a personal assistant, giving you real-time updates on flights and amenities.

Austin Bergstrom International Airport isn’t just your launchpad to Midland International Air and Space Port; it’s a slice of Austin’s soul. From its live music to its easy navigation, AUS ensures your journey to MAF starts off with the right mix of efficiency and local flavor.

Midland International Airport: Space, Convenience, and More

Upon landing at Midland International Air and Space Port (MAF), you’re not just stepping into an airport; you’re entering a portal to space and convenience. That’s right, MAF isn’t your average airport—it’s the first in the world to be licensed for commercial space launches. So, while you’re collecting your baggage, you might just be rubbing shoulders with future astronauts!

Not Just an Airport, But a Gateway to the Stars

MAF’s unique status as a spaceport adds an exciting layer to your travel story. It’s like visiting a sci-fi movie set, except it’s real, and you’re part of the action. Who knows, you might even catch a glimpse of a spacecraft prepping for its next mission. It’s one small step for man, one giant leap for your travel diary.

The Convenience Factor

But MAF isn’t all about space; it’s about making your earthbound experience just as stellar. This airport is known for its convenience and efficiency. With easy navigation and short lines, it’s like the fast-forward button of airports – getting you from the runway to the road in no time.

A Taste of Midland at the Terminal

If you think airport food is all about pre-packed sandwiches and overpriced coffee, MAF is ready to change your mind. With a selection of dining options that reflect the local cuisine, it’s like a welcoming taste of Midland before you even step outside. Whether you’re in the mood for a quick snack or a sit-down meal, MAF has got you covered.

Tips for a Smooth Arrival

To ensure your touchdown at MAF is as smooth as a West Texas sunset, consider these tips:

  • Car Rental Convenience: With rental services right at the airport, you can be on your way to exploring Midland in no time. It’s like having a chariot waiting at your beck and call.

  • Stay Connected: Keep an eye on the airport’s digital displays for any local tips and events happening in Midland. It’s like a sneak preview of the city’s highlights.

Midland International Air and Space Port is more than just your landing spot; it’s a blend of futuristic excitement and down-to-earth convenience. As you step out into the heart of Texas oil country, remember that your journey began and ended at airports that are as unique and welcoming as the cities they serve. MAF isn’t just a stop on your itinerary; it’s a memorable part of your Texas adventure.

The Quick Hop from Austin to Midland: A Flight Time Overview

Curious about how long you’ll be in the air from Austin to Midland? Well, you’ll barely have time to start an in-flight movie. The flight from Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS) to Midland International Air and Space Port (MAF) is a brisk journey, covering the Texas landscape faster than a jackrabbit on a date.

A Blink-and-You’ll-Miss-It Flight

Let’s put it into perspective: the flight time from Austin to Midland is typically just about an hour. That’s right, in the time it takes to enjoy a leisurely lunch, you could travel from the state capital to the heart of the Permian Basin. It’s like a time warp, but with better legroom.

Southwest Airlines: The Uncontested Champion from Austin

When it comes to the best airline for this route, the crown goes unchallenged to Southwest Airlines. They’re not just an airline; they’re more like your friendly neighbor who happens to fly a plane.

Why Southwest Reigns Supreme

  • Non-Stop Service: Southwest offers non-stop flights on this route, which means you can avoid the hassle of layovers and get to your destination faster than a cowboy’s quick draw.

  • Baggage Bonanza: With a generous baggage policy, you can pack those extra pairs of boots without worry. It’s like having a free pass for your luggage.

  • Customer-Centric Culture: Known for their exceptional customer service, flying with Southwest is like being part of a family – a family that jets across the sky at 500 miles per hour.

Tips for Flying Southwest

  • Check In Early: Grab that A-list boarding position by checking in early. It’s like getting VIP access to your flight.

  • Download the App: Keep all your travel info at your fingertips with the Southwest app. It’s like having a personal travel assistant who fits in your pocket.


Your journey from Austin to Midland, whether for business or leisure, promises to be a delightful and efficient experience. From the musical vibes of Austin-Bergstrom International Airport to the space-age allure of Midland International Air and Space Port, every step of your round trip, is laced with unique charm and convenience. The swift and pleasant flight, predominantly courtesy of Southwest Airlines, ensures a seamless transit, complemented by friendly service and practical travel perks. As you ponder this route, remember that the journey itself is as enriching as the destination. So, pack your bags, embrace the spirit of Texas, and prepare for an aerial adventure that’s as smooth as it is memorable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the departure and arrival airports for direct flights from Austin to Midland? A: Flights from Austin to Midland depart from Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS) and all return flights arrive at Midland International Air and Space Port (MAF).

Q: Which airline offers non-stop flights on the Austin to Midland route? A: Southwest Airlines is the only carrier that offers non-stop flights from Austin to Midland.

Q: How long is the average flight time from Austin to Midland? A: The flight time from Austin to Midland is typically about one hour.

Q: What makes Austin-Bergstrom International Airport unique? A: Austin-Bergstrom International Airport is known for its reflection of Austin’s vibrant culture, featuring live music and a variety of local dining options, providing a unique and enjoyable pre-flight experience.

Q: Why is Midland International Air and Space Port notable? A: Midland International Air and Space Port is the first airport globally to be licensed for commercial space launches, adding a futuristic aspect to your travel experience. It’s also known for its convenience and efficient layout.

Q: What are the advantages of flying with Southwest Airlines on this route? A: Southwest Airlines offers several benefits, including non-stop service, a generous baggage policy, less prices and a reputation for friendly customer service.

Q: Are there tips for a smooth experience when flying from Austin to Midland with Southwest Airlines? A: Yes, it’s advisable to check in early for the best boarding positions, pack efficiently, and use the Southwest app for real-time travel updates and information.

Q: What kind of food and amenities can be expected at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport? A: Travelers can enjoy a variety of food options that reflect Austin’s culinary scene, ranging from breakfast tacos to craft beers, in a lively atmosphere with live music performances.

Q: What dining options are available at Midland International Air and Space Port? A: Midland International Airport offers a selection of dining options that provide a taste of local cuisine, catering to both quick snacks and sit-down meals.

Q: Is there any advice for first-time travelers on this route? A: For first-time travelers, it’s recommended to arrive early at the airport to enjoy the unique amenities, stay informed through airport apps or digital displays, and pack light to take advantage of Southwest’s baggage policy.

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