Houston to Midland Flights: Find the Best Deals

Welcome aboard our virtual journey from Houston to Midland, Texas! If you’re considering this flight, you’re in for a pleasant surprise, as it’s a hop, skip, and a short flight away. Typically, these flights cover the distance in just about an hour, making it a breeze compared to longer hauls. Airlines servicing this route often offer multiple daily flights, giving you the flexibility to choose a time that suits your schedule.

Houston to Midland Flights
Midland, Texas

Remember, the weather in Texas can be as unpredictable as a cowboy’s mood, so it’s always wise to check for any possible delays or changes.

As a fellow traveler, I know the importance of getting the best deal and the cheapest flights and right flight times. So, why don’t you mosey on over and browse this page and SkyGoFly? Here, you’ll find the best options for flights from Houston to Midland, tailored just for you.

The Big Three Airlines on the Houston to Midland Train

United Airlines: The “Friendly Skies” Navigator (IAH to Midland)

United Airlines is like that reliable friend who’s always ready to join you on a journey, especially on the Houston to Midland route. With United, you’re not just buying a ticket; you’re signing up for a service that’s punctuated with professionalism and a touch of class. They offer multiple flights a day, so whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, United has got you covered. And let’s not forget their frequent flyer program – it’s like a loyalty card for the skies, rewarding you for your wanderlust!

Southwest Airlines: The “LUV” of Flying (HOU to Midland)

Southwest Airlines, with its heart symbol and “LUV” stock ticker, isn’t shy about showing its affection for its passengers. They’re the cool uncle of airlines, offering a more laid-back experience without assigned seating – it’s like musical chairs, but at 30,000 feet! Southwest’s friendly service and free checked bags policy make it a popular choice. They say, “You can’t buy happiness,” but with Southwest’s competitive pricing and robust flight schedule, you can definitely buy a pleasant flight experience from Houston to Midland.

American Airlines: The Scenic Route Expert

American Airlines takes you on a slightly different path. While they don’t offer direct flights from Houston to Midland, they invite you on a brief layover at Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW). It’s like taking a short coffee break before reaching your final destination. This detour with American gives you a chance to stretch your legs at one of the busiest airports in the world – think of it as a mini-adventure within your journey. Plus, their extensive network and top-notch service make the extra hop worth it.

For more specific route information to Midland click HERE.

Midland International Airport: Where Air and Space Meet

The Gateway to the Sky… and Beyond!

Midland International Airport, or as it’s grandiosely known, Midland International Air & Spaceport, isn’t your average airport. It’s like the Swiss Army knife of airports – versatile, functional, and a little bit quirky. Not only does it serve as a gateway for your usual air travel, but it also dabbles in the space travel business. Yes, you read that right – space travel. It’s one of the few airports where you can spot a commercial airliner in one glance and a spacecraft in the next. It’s like watching a sci-fi movie, but in real life!

More Than Just Runways

The midland airport itself is a bustling hub, albeit more relaxed than its larger counterparts. Think of it as a friendly small town, where instead of cars and buses, you have planes and maybe the occasional spaceship. The amenities are top-notch, with enough shops and eateries to keep you entertained and fed. Whether you’re a fan of window shopping or actual shopping, Midland International has got your back. And if you’re a fan of aviation history or space exploration, the airport’s connection to the spaceport will be like visiting a mini-museum.

Smooth Landings and Speedy Takeoffs

Navigating through Midland International is a breeze. It’s like attending a party where you know everyone – easy, comfortable, and hassle-free. The airport is renowned for its efficient check-in and security processes, ensuring that your time on the ground is as pleasant as your time in the air. Plus, the compact size of the airport means you won’t be marathon-running to catch your flight – a pleasant change from the larger, more overwhelming airports.

Flying Out: Houston Bush and Houston Hobby – Your Launchpads to Midland

Houston, we don’t have a problem when it comes to choosing an airport for your flight to Midland!

Houston Bush (IAH): The International Powerhouse

United’s Home Turf

George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) is like the big brother of airports in Houston. It’s large, bustling, and has a presence that’s hard to ignore. This airport is United Airlines’ stronghold, offering not just its nonstop flights to Midland but to destinations far and wide. Imagine IAH as a giant spider web, with routes stretching out in all directions – Midland being one of the many strands. Flying out of IAH with United is like boarding a majestic ship, ready to sail through the skies.

Houston Hobby (HOU): The Cozy Contender

Southwest’s Favorite Spot

William P. Hobby Airport (HOU) is the smaller, more laid-back cousin in the Houston airport family. It’s the favorite haunt of Southwest Airlines, known for its more intimate and friendly vibe. Flying Southwest from Hobby is akin to hopping on a quick and cheerful trolley ride. The airport’s size means shorter walks and fewer crowds, making it a favorite for those who prefer a more straightforward and hassle-free experience. Think of HOU as that cozy neighborhood café where everyone knows your name, compared to the bustling city center that is IAH.

Both Houston Bush and Houston Hobby offer unique experiences for your trip to Midland. Whether you choose the grandeur and vast network of IAH or the charming simplicity of HOU, you’re in for a smooth takeoff.

Top Hotels for Your Stay in Houston: Your Pre-Flight Comfort Zones

Houston, known for its space exploration, also excels in the art of earthly comforts. Before you jet off to Midland, why not indulge in a little Houston hospitality?

The Luxurious Lounger: The Houstonian Hotel

The Houstonian Hotel is like the Rolls Royce of Houston’s hotels – classy, elegant, and with a service that’s out of this world. Nestled in a wooded oasis, it’s the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate before your flight. The hotel’s spa is like a mini vacation before your actual vacation, and the dining options are a culinary rocket ship to flavor town. Staying here is like being in a tranquil bubble, blissfully unaware of the hustle and bustle outside.

The Business Traveler’s Buddy: The Marriott Marquis

Convenience Meets Comfort

For those who mix business with travel, the Marriott Marquis is like a Swiss Army knife – it has everything you need, all in one place. Located conveniently in downtown Houston, it’s a stone’s throw away from numerous attractions. The hotel boasts a Texas-shaped lazy river – because why not? It’s a fun, quirky touch in a hotel that’s all about serious comfort. It’s like having a business meeting in a cowboy boot – professional, but with a unique Texan twist.

The Budget-Friendly Beacon: The Hampton Inn & Suites

Comfort Without the Cost

The Hampton Inn & Suites is the economic option that punches above its weight. Think of it as the friendly neighborhood diner – it might not have the frills, but it offers a hearty meal (or in this case, a comfortable stay) that leaves you satisfied and happy. With friendly service and essential amenities, it’s ideal for travelers who want to save their dollars for adventures in Midland and beyond. Staying here is like finding that amazing deal in a thrift shop – great value without compromising on quality.

Hotels for Your Enjoyment in Midland: Rest and Relaxation in the Heart of Texas

Upon arriving in Midland, you’ll find that the city’s hotel scene is as rich and varied as a Texas barbecue spread. Let’s dive into some of the top spots to hang your hat in Midland.

The Opulent Oasis: The DoubleTree by Hilton Midland Plaza

Luxury in the Lone Star State

The DoubleTree by Hilton Midland Plaza is like the crown jewel of Midland’s hotels – it’s where luxury meets Texas charm. From the moment you’re greeted with a warm, signature cookie, it feels like a hug from a long-lost friend. The rooms offer a view that’s as big and bold as Texas itself, and the on-site dining is like a culinary rodeo, full of flavors to wrangle. Staying here is like being a part of Midland’s oil boom – rich, indulgent, and utterly satisfying.

The Business Baron’s Base: Courtyard by Marriott Midland

Work Hard, Relax Harder

For the traveling professional, the Courtyard by Marriott Midland is a haven. Picture it as a reliable workhorse, equipped with all the modern amenities to make your business stay as productive as possible. It’s like having an office with the perks of a hotel – complete with comfortable beds and a bistro that serves up a mean breakfast to kickstart your day. It’s the perfect blend of work and comfort, proving that you really can mix business with pleasure.

The Thrifty Traveler’s Retreat: Microtel Inn & Suites by Wyndham Midland

Affordable Comfort

Microtel Inn & Suites by Wyndham Midland is the answer for those who prefer to spend their money on experiences rather than extravagant stays. Think of it as your savvy travel companion, offering you all the necessities without the hefty price tag. The rooms are cozy, much like a snug cabin on a train – compact yet surprisingly comfortable. It’s a testament that good things do come in small packages, especially when it comes to both comfort and value.

Get Over to Houston!

Our journey from Houston to Midland, Texas, whether embarked upon via United Airlines from Bush Intercontinental, Southwest Airlines from Houston Hobby, or even with a scenic layover via American Airlines, promises to be as rich in experience as the destinations themselves. Each leg of your trip, from the bustling airports to the comfortable stays at various Houston hotels pre-flight, and the welcoming accommodations awaiting in Midland, offers its own unique charm and comfort. Remember, whether you’re seeking luxury, efficiency, or value, both Houston and Midland cater to every traveler’s needs. So pack your bags, embrace the adventure, and let your journey from Houston to Midland be as memorable as the destinations themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the main airlines that fly from Houston to Midland?
A: The primary airlines serving this route include United Airlines, which operates out of Houston Bush (IAH), Southwest Airlines operating flights from Houston Hobby (HOU), and American Airlines, which offers flights with a layover at Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW).

Q: How long is the flight from Houston to Midland?
A: The flight from Houston to Midland typically takes about an hour, making it a quick and convenient journey.

Q: Are there any direct flights from Houston to Midland?
A: Yes, both United Airlines and Southwest Airlines offer direct flights from Houston to Midland. American Airlines provides a service with a brief layover at DFW.

Q: What are some recommended hotels for a stay in Houston before the flight?
A: In Houston, top hotel recommendations include The Houstonian Hotel for luxury, the Marriott Marquis for business travelers, and the Hampton Inn & Suites for budget-friendly options.

Q: Can you suggest some hotels in Midland for after arrival?
A: In Midland, consider the DoubleTree by Hilton Midland Plaza for a luxurious stay, Courtyard by Marriott Midland for business travelers, and Microtel Inn & Suites by Wyndham Midland for an affordable option.

Q: What makes Midland International Airport unique?
A: Midland International Airport is unique because it doubles as an Air & Spaceport, making it one of the few airports where you can observe both commercial airliners and spacecraft.

Q: How does Houston Bush (IAH) compare to Houston Hobby (HOU)?
A: Houston Bush (IAH) is a larger, international airport with a vast network of flights from top airlines, particularly dominated by United Airlines. In contrast, Houston Hobby (HOU) is smaller, offers cheap flights in a more intimate setting, and is a favorite for Southwest Airlines’ flights.

Q: Are there any tips for navigating through Midland International Airport?
A: Midland International Airport is known for its efficiency and easy navigation due to its smaller size. It’s a hassle-free airport with good amenities and a comfortable atmosphere.

Q: What kind of facilities can I expect at Houston’s airports?
A: Both Houston Bush and Houston Hobby offer a range of facilities, including various dining and shopping options. IAH, being larger, has a more extensive airline selection, while HOU offers a more relaxed and convenient experience.

Q: Is there anything special to know about flying with American Airlines to Midland?
A: When flying with American Airlines to Midland, you’ll have a layover at Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW), which is an opportunity to explore one of the world’s busiest airports and enjoy its amenities.