How to Find the Cheapest Flights to Anywhere

You know that moment when you’re casually scrolling through Instagram, envying Brenda’s seventh tropical vacation this year, and you wonder, “Did she rob a bank or did she master the art of how to find the cheapest flights to anywhere?” I mean, surely, there’s got to be some dark web-esque secret she’s privy to that we mere mortals aren’t? Right?

Oh, put down that ski mask; we’re not resorting to bank heists just yet. Before you go dreaming of that wanderlust life, while your wallet cries out in despair, here are some proven tips to find cheap flights to nowhere in particular. Because let’s be real, it’s not about the destination, it’s about the bragging rights, darling.

Passport delays

Determine the Cheapest Day to Fly

The Mythical Magic of Midweek:

Ever noticed how nightclubs are a tad emptier on a Tuesday? Just like clubbing, flying has its off-peak moments. Sure, we’d all love to fly on a Friday evening, gliding into our weekend getaways like celebrities, but sometimes you need to suck it up and tackle a Wednesday flight. Studies (and your wallet) will thank you, showing that flights are often cheaper smack in the middle of the week. See, airlines know Brenda and her crew like weekend getaways, so they jack up prices. Outsmart ’em. Be the Tuesday traveler nobody saw coming.

Why Sundays are for Suckers:

Seriously. Flying on a Sunday? Unless you’re returning from a week-long escapade or seeking spiritual elevation, don’t. Sundays are often pricier. If you can, stretch that weekend vacay and fly back on a Monday. It’s like getting the last laugh in an ongoing joke between you and airline pricing algorithms.

Search for Error Fares

The Glorious Mess-ups of Man and Machine:

You know that time you accidentally texted your ex at 3 am because your fingers had a mind of their own? Airlines have those moments too, but with fares. Sometimes, a human error or a computer glitch blesses us with ridiculously cheap tickets. A round-trip to Paris for $50? Oui, please!

Stalking Strategies for Success:

You can’t just sit around and wait for mistakes (unless it’s watching your ex’s life decisions). Sign up for fare alert websites. You’ll be notified when there’s a pricing mistake so you can swoop in like a hawk grabbing a piece of bread off a tourist’s hand. It’s nature, it’s beautiful, it’s…cheap!

Be Willing to Fly on Budget Carriers (aka They Can Have Dirt Cheap Fares)

Embrace the No-Frills Frenzy:

If you’re expecting champagne on a beer budget, then honey, you’re in the wrong bar—or, in this case, the wrong cabin. Budget airlines strip down the flying experience to the basics, but in return, they offer jaw-droppingly low prices. So what if there’s no free blanket? That’s what oversized scarves are for.

Know Before You Go:

While budget airlines are the thrift shops of the skies, you gotta be careful. Some charge for every little thing—yes, Brenda, even for printing your boarding pass. So, be informed. Pack light, check in online, bring your snacks. A little prep work makes the penny-pinching process smoother.

And remember, folks, just because it’s cheaper doesn’t mean it’s less glamorous. It’s all about the story you tell. And if someone does ask, you flew “economy plus”. Plus what? Plus savings, of course!

Fly Multiple Carriers for a Better Fare

Dating Around in the Airline World:

Remember high school when you couldn’t decide between two crushes? Airlines are a bit like that. You don’t need to stay loyal to multiple airlines, just one, especially if playing the field gets you a cheaper deal. Mixing and matching your flights can save big bucks. So, depart with Airline A and come back with Airline B. It’s not cheating if everyone’s on board!

The Art of Mix & Match:

Use those fancy search engines like Skyscanner or Kayak that have the multi-airline option. Not only will you save money, but you might also find unique route combinations that give you longer layovers in cities you wouldn’t have thought to visit. So, you can have a croissant in Paris while waiting for your connection to Rome. Fancy, right?

Don’t Get Caught in Waiting (Fares Generally Increase as it Gets Closer to Flight Time)

The Thrill of the Last Minute…Myth:

Hollywood lies! That last-minute dash to the airport to declare undying love is romantic in the movies, but in real-life? It’s more of an overpriced ticket and a missed flight. Airline prices are like a ticking time bomb—wait too long, and BOOM! Your budget’s blown up.

Strike While the Iron’s Hot… or the Seat’s Cheap:

Found a good deal? Grab it. Don’t play hard to get. Tickets have feelings too, and if you ignore them, they’ll go find someone who appreciates their worth. Well, not really, but you get the gist. Procrastination is not your purse’s friend.

Consider Paying in Another Currency

The Great Currency Caper:

Look, I’m not asking you to become a Forex expert, but sometimes dabbling in other currencies can save you a pretty penny—or yen, or euro. If a country’s currency is weaker than yours, the ticket price might just be cheaper.

Always Be Cautious (ABC):

Before you turn into a currency cowboy, remember, your card might charge foreign transaction fees. So, whip out that calculator, do the math, and see if the conversion + fees are still cheaper. And if they are? Yeehaw, you’ve struck gold!

In this wild west of the cheapest flight and fares, remember to keep your wits about you, your eyes on the prize, and your passport at the ready. Because with these tips, the world isn’t just your oyster—it’s your budget-friendly oyster on the half shell! 🌍🍾

Utilize Flight Search Engines to Score Cheaper Tickets

A Flight Search Engine is to Fares What Tinder is to Dates:

Swipe left on that expensive flight, and right on that budget-friendly gem. Welcome to the dating game of airfare. Don’t let that hot fare slip away; you’ve got to have the right tools and techniques!

Skyscanner – The Trusty Wingman:

Every great night out starts with a reliable wingman. Enter Skyscanner. It checks all the available flights, dates, and times to show you the best options, faster than you can say “margarita”. Use their month-view to just search flights to see when the cheapest flights are and let their algorithms work the magic while you sip on that drink.

Momondo – The Smooth Talker:

Ever met someone who just has a way with words—or in this case, deals? That’s Momondo for you. It doesn’t just check airline prices; it combs through smaller booking websites to fetch prices you won’t see anywhere else. Basically, it finds those hidden gems you brag about at brunch. – The Ultimate Matchmaker:

Tired of the one and done? will hook you up with affordable flights with combo tickets. Maybe you fly out with JetBlue, catch a Ryanair in between, and return with Southwest. It’s like the Neapolitan ice cream of flight bookings.

A Note About Skiplagged (The Bad Boy of Flight Searches)

Playing With Fire, and We’re Not Talking About That Fireball Shot:

Everyone loves a bad boy, right? They’re fun, a bit risky, and, let’s face it, thrilling. Skiplagged is the James Dean of search engines. It finds those “hidden city” flights where you get off at the layover instead of the final destination. Sounds sly, doesn’t it? That’s because it is.

Sued and Booted:

Here’s the tea, darling. Airlines aren’t digging what Skiplagged is doing. At all. They’re starting to file lawsuits because, in their eyes, it’s a violation of their terms of service. So if you decide to ride this wild horse, be ready for potential side-eyes and some stern words if caught. Remember, if you play with the bad boys, be prepared for a bit of drama.

In the grand game of scoring cheap flight and deals, think of it as a glitzy casino. Play your cards right, use the right tools, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll hit the jackpot. Or at the very least, save enough for an extra mojito on the beach. Cheers to flying savvy.

Try Booking with a Travel Agent

Travel Agents: Not Just the Go-To for Your Grandma’s Cruise:

Remember those good old days when we actually talked to humans to get stuff done? Yep, before Siri and Alexa took over, there were travel agents, sitting in their swanky offices surrounded by posters of tropical paradises. Guess what? They’re not extinct. Like vinyl records and vintage jeans, they’re making a comeback—and for good reason…

Legacy Carriers Love ‘Em:

The likes of the United airlines, British Airways, and JetBlue still have a soft spot for these folks. Think of travel agents as the matchmakers of the travel world; they have connections. They know a guy who knows a guy. So, when you’re eyeing a seat on one of these major airlines, consulting a travel agent might get you a sweeter deal than you’d expect. You might even snag some perks. Remember, they’ve been playing this game for years; they know all the ins and outs.

Budget Carriers? Not so Much:

Now, before you run off and throw your lot in with the first travel agent you find, pump the brakes. When it comes to budget carriers, they’re a bit like cats—they’re independent creatures. Travel agents and budget airlines aren’t the best of pals. Most budget carriers prefer to sell directly to keep costs down, so a middle-man (or woman) is generally a no-go. However, because life likes to keep things spicy, there are exceptions. Sometimes a travel agent has that golden ticket. So, always ask. It doesn’t hurt to inquire, unless your pride is easily wounded by the occasional “no.”

Remember, while algorithms and search engines are the future, sometimes the old-fashioned way has its perks. Travel agents might seem like a relic from a bygone era, but in some cases, they’re your ticket to serious savings. Give them a whirl; at the very least, you’ll get to enjoy their collection of dreamy beach posters.

Don’t Waste Your Time with the ‘Cookies’ Routine

Cookie Monster Misconceptions:

Oh, honey, if you’re fervently clearing your browser cookies thinking airlines are stalking your every move like some crazed ex, then I hate to burst your bubble. This whole “clear your cookies to get cheaper flights” thing? It’s like the diet fads of the internet. Does celery juice really burn fat? Does clearing cookies get you better fares? In a word: Nope.

Reality Check: The Great Cookie Myth:

Look, I’m all for a good conspiracy theory. Who doesn’t love a juicy tale? But several investigations have debunked the cookie myth. While it might feel super spy-like to go incognito, airlines have bigger fish to fry than tracking your late-night flight searches. So, use that time for something else, like scrolling through Brenda’s annoying vacation pics for the 100th time.

Book Your Connections Separately

DIY-ing Your Flight Route:

Crafting, DIY home projects, and…flight booking? Sometimes doing things yourself can lead to stellar results, and that includes your flight connections. Booking separate legs of a journey might sound like a logistical nightmare, but with a bit of savvy, it can save some serious cash.

The Risky Business:

While it sounds enticing, remember: with great power comes great responsibility. If one flight gets delayed, the next airline isn’t obliged to wait for you. It’s a gamble, but life’s a game, right? Just ensure you have ample time between connections and maybe a good book or two for those longer layovers.

Scan the Interwebs for the Cheapest Place to Fly

Destination: Anywhere (with Wi-Fi):

Not picky about your next vacay spot? Good on you, free spirit! Let the internet dictate your next adventure.

Skyscanner to the Rescue… Again:

It’s our trusty sidekick once more. Skyscanner’s “Everywhere” search option is the stuff of legend. Input your departure city, select “Everywhere” for the destination, and voilà! You get a list of the cheapest places to fly. It’s like spinning a globe and going where your finger lands, but with less risk of ending up in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

In the end, my wanderlusting friend, the world of flight deals is a vast and wild jungle. But with the right tools, a dash of audacity, and maybe a sarcastic blog post or two to guide you, you’re set to conquer it all.

Use Kayak Explore: Or How to Pretend You’re Columbus

Sailing the Digital Seas:

Look, you might not have three ships or a fancy title from the Spanish monarchy, but with Kayak Explore, you too can embark on a voyage of discovery—minus the sea sickness and questionable navigation methods.

The Not-So-Hidden Treasures:

  1. Good for Longer-Term Flight Planning:
    Planning a trip six months down the line? A year, even? First, kudos on being organized; you’re already one step ahead of 90% of us. Kayak Explore’s timeline feature lets you sift through months of data to find the golden window for your wallet.

  2. A Picture’s Worth a Thousand… Fares:
    With their world map, you can spot deals from a bird’s-eye view. Want to see where you can fly for under $300? The map’s awash with colorful dots, each tempting you with a potential adventure. It’s kind of like “Where’s Waldo” but with airfares. And let’s be real: way more rewarding.

The “Meh” Corner: Round and Round We Go:

Before you put all your eggs (or, in this case, cash) in the Kayak basket, there’s a tiny wrinkle you should know about: Kayak Explore only deals in round trips. So, if you’re the kind who likes one-way tickets to randomness, this might not be your jam. No “Eat, Pray, Love” spontaneity here, folks.

But hey, think of the bright side: a round trip means you have a guaranteed way back from any misadventures. Remember the time you thought you could live off coconuts on a remote island? Yeah… maybe a return ticket isn’t such a bad idea.

So, whip out your digital compass, set sail with Kayak Explore, and find those cheapest fares. And while you might not stumble upon a new continent, you’re sure to discover some unbeatable deals.

In Conclusion (Or, “Finally, the Rambling Ends”):

Oh, you made it to the end? Give yourself a pat on the back! We’ve danced with cookies (the internet kind, not the fun, edible ones), played matchmaker with flight routes, had some wild rendezvous with sassy search engines, and even dipped our toes into the waters of yesteryear with those ever-so-retro travel agents. The takeaway? The world of snatching sweet flight deals is a dazzling dance of wit, a sprinkle of patience, and the occasional side-eye to airline conspiracies. So, dear reader, as you embark on your next airfare quest, remember: the sky’s not the limit—it’s just the beginning. Happy hunting, you savvy traveler, and may the bottom flight price odds be ever in your favor…


1. Wait, so should I be clearing cookies or not?
Nope. It’s a myth, like unicorns or a drama-free family reunion. Your browser cookies aren’t bumping up those flight prices. So, clear ’em if you want to, but it won’t score you cheaper flight tickets.

2. Is booking connections separately a genius move?
Sometimes! It can save cash but remember: if one flight is late, the other airline won’t care. Make sure you’ve got time between flights—and a snack. Or three.

3. So, are travel agents just for retirees?
Hardly! Especially when booking with legacy carriers like United or British Airways, they can snag you some sweet deals. But with budget airlines? Maybe not the best route. Remember: just because it’s old school doesn’t mean it’s out of style.

4. Why are people obsessed with Skyscanner?
Because it’s fabulous. The “Everywhere” search? Genius. If you’re not fussed about where you’re headed next, it’s like having the internet pick your next adventure.

5. Kayak Explore sounds cool, but what’s the catch?
It’s perfect for the planners among us, offering a visual buffet of prices on a world map. The hiccup? It’s strictly round-trip territory. So, if you’re hatching a one-way escape plan, you might want to look elsewhere.

6. Round trips only? Seriously, Kayak?
Yes, we know. It’s like serving only vanilla ice cream at a sundae bar. But sometimes, having a way back isn’t the worst thing in the world.


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