Air Canada Joins Forces with Professional Women’s Hockey League as Inaugural Premier Partner

Air Canada has recently announced a significant partnership with the newly established Professional Women’s Hockey League (PWHL), marking a historic collaboration in advance of the league’s inaugural season opener on January 1, 2024.

This partnership designates Air Canada as an Inaugural Premier Partner and the Official Airline for the PWHL, supporting the first six teams based in Boston, Minnesota, Montreal, New York, Ottawa, and Toronto.

In celebration of this alliance, Air Canada is launching an inspirational ad campaign titled “We All Fly,” featuring a group of aspiring young PWHL players alongside the celebrated Canadian hockey icon, Mélodie Daoust. The campaign is set to premiere at each PWHL home opener, showcasing the airline’s commitment to hockey and its role in promoting Canadian culture globally.

Expanding Rights: Air Canada's IP Agreement with PWHL Teams

The partnership grants Air Canada intellectual property rights across the six PWHL teams, encompassing broadcast, in-venue, and in-market assets, as well as exclusive jersey branding rights for Montreal’s PWHL team. Furthermore, the airline will provide essential travel support for the league and its athletes, actively promoting the PWHL and its rising stars through its marketing and communication channels.

This collaboration with the PWHL is an extension of Air Canada’s ongoing support for professional women’s sports, including partnerships with the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) and the upcoming Project 8 professional women’s soccer league in Canada. In a concerted effort to nurture the future of women’s hockey, Air Canada will also host local girls’ junior hockey teams at each historic PWHL home opener in Canada, with events scheduled in Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal.

Air Canada's Broader Commitment to Canadian Sports Teams

Air Canada’s enthusiasm for sports is further demonstrated by its role as the official airline for all seven Canadian NHL teams, the Toronto Raptors, and Team Canada. The airline’s unique Air Canada Fan Flight program reflects its ongoing commitment to community engagement, offering fans extraordinary NHL and NBA experiences and highlighting its dedication to celebrating the passion of sports enthusiasts across North America.

“To partner with the PWHL and be part of this historic moment in hockey history is incredibly exciting and meaningful to all of us at Air Canada,” said Andy Shibata, Vice President, Brand at Air Canada. “As Canada’s national carrier, and a longstanding supporter of Canadian sports, this partnership reflects the love we share with our customers for hockey, as well as our work in championing gender equality in the aviation industry.”

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