Alaska Airlines Prepares for 737-9 MAX Fleet’s Return to Service Following Rigorous Inspections

Alaska Airlines has finalized inspections of its first batch of 737-9 MAX aircraft, preparing them for a return to commercial service. The airline announced plans to recommence operations with these aircraft starting with Flight 1146, which will travel from Seattle to San Diego on the afternoon of January 26.

Door Plug Repair...Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-9
Door Plug Repair...Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-9 [Image: Alaska Airlines]

Following the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) approval on January 24 for the inspection and maintenance procedures necessary for the 737-9 MAX’s return to service, Alaska Airlines’ technicians initiated the inspections immediately. The airline has projected that the inspection process for the 737-9 MAX fleet will be completed by the end of the following week. This completion is expected to enable the airline to resume its full flight schedule.

Strict Compliance with FAA Requirements in 737-9 MAX Aircraft Inspections

Alaska Airlines has emphasized that each 737-9 MAX aircraft will be put back into service only after undergoing thorough inspections, ensuring their airworthiness in compliance with FAA standards. These individual inspections are anticipated to take approximately 12 hours per aircraft.

Alaska Airlines Acknowledges Team Efforts in Safe Restoration of 737-9 MAX Fleet

The airline has expressed profound gratitude to its Maintenance and Engineering team, who have been instrumental in conducting the inspection work and ensuring the safe return of the aircraft to service. Additionally, Alaska Airlines has acknowledged the continued support and efforts of all its employees in assisting and serving their customers during this period.

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