Azerbaijan Poised to Lead in Sustainable Aviation Fuel, Highlights ATAG Executive Director at Baku Summit

In a recent statement, Haldane Dodd, the executive director of the Air Transport Action Group (ATAG), highlighted Azerbaijan’s potential to emerge as a key player in the development of sustainable aviation fuel. Speaking to journalists at the World Aviation Summit in Baku, Dodd emphasized Azerbaijan’s pivotal role in the global energy transition, particularly in aviation.

Dodd remarked, “Azerbaijan has the opportunity to become one of the leading countries in the aviation energy transformation, and COP29 is a great opportunity to bring these different parties together.” This statement came as Azerbaijan gears up to host COP29, an event that is expected to consolidate global efforts against climate change and spotlight the country’s leadership in energy initiatives.

The summit in Baku was deemed crucial by Dodd, who stated, “This will allow us to work together with our colleagues in different parts of the world to tackle issues like climate change together. We have a plan to achieve net zero carbon emissions from the aviation sector by 2050. Therefore, it is so important to act together.” His comments reflect a growing consensus on the urgency of environmental sustainability in aviation, underscoring the significant strides being made towards achieving a net zero carbon footprint by 2050.

Azerbaijan’s involvement in these high-level discussions signals its commitment to adopting renewable energy sources and spearheading innovative solutions within the global aviation industry. The convergence of international stakeholders at the summit underlines the collaborative effort required to address pressing environmental challenges.

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