FAA Approves Bell Textron’s BasiX-Pro Glass Cockpit Retrofit for Bell 412EP Helicopters

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has recently certified Bell Textron’s BasiX-Pro Glass Cockpit Retrofit Kit for the Bell 412EP helicopter models. This advanced retrofit kit is designed to modernize the cockpit with high-resolution digital displays, enhancing both the functionality and safety of the aircraft.

Chris Schaefer, Vice President of Customer Experience at Bell, emphasized the importance of ongoing advancements for legacy platforms. “As a part of Bell’s Customer Support and Service offerings, we are committed to developing and certifying new technologies for legacy platforms,” Schaefer explained. “In an effort to increase reliability, situational awareness, and decreased pilot workload, the BasiX-Pro Kit delivers the latest integrated flight deck, high-resolution displays as well as engine data and flight operation recording. With the BasiX-Pro Kit, 412EPs now can be upgraded to 4-axis autopilot further reducing pilot workload.”

The retrofit kit includes Astronautics and Garmin avionics, transitioning from analogue to digital interfaces. This upgrade mirrors the technology used in the SUBARU Bell 412EPX and Bell 429 models, ensuring that older helicopters benefit from the latest advancements in aviation technology.

Bell has announced that the retrofit kits will be available through Aeronautical Accessories, and installations can be conducted at Bell’s global completion centers in Piney Flats, TN, Miami, FL, Singapore, Bell Australia, and Prague.

The introduction of the BasiX-Pro Glass Cockpit Retrofit Kit represents a significant improvement in pilot workload, situational awareness, and precision for Bell 412EP operators, aligning older models with current aviation standards. This upgrade is a testament to Bell’s commitment to enhancing the operational capabilities and longevity of its aircraft.

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