Fiji Airways Joins TSA PreCheck Program: Enhancing U.S. Departures

Fiji Airways, the national airline of Fiji, has recently been included in the Transportation Security Administration’s TSA PreCheck® program, offering travelers an enhanced and efficient screening experience when departing the U.S. This development is a significant addition to the airline’s service, especially for those traveling to Fiji.

Fiji Airways Airbus A330
Fiji Airways Airbus A330

TSA PreCheck is a renowned expedited security screening program, renowned for its efficiency and convenience. It is currently operational in over 200 U.S. airports and caters to low-risk travelers. The program allows eligible passengers to bypass traditional security checks, enabling them to keep their shoes, belts, and light jackets on. Moreover, they can leave laptops, 3-1-1 liquids, and food items in their bags, simplifying the screening process. Statistics show that about 99% of passengers in TSA PreCheck lines experience less than a 10-minute wait at airport checkpoints.

CEO Andre Viljoen Highlights Enhanced Passenger Experienc

The inclusion of Fiji Airways in this program is seen as a significant benefit for its customers, particularly for those heading to Fiji for leisure. Andre Viljoen, the Managing Director and CEO of Fiji Airways, expressed his enthusiasm about the airline’s participation in TSA PreCheck. He emphasized that the program would provide guests with a more seamless experience when departing the U.S. for Fiji, enhancing their overall journey.

“We are delighted to be included in this program as it will allow our guests to have a more seamless experience when they leave the U.S. to arrive in Fiji. Most of our visitors from America are here for a holiday and convenient screening will only enhance their entire journey.” 

Fiji Airways' Focus on Elevating Customer Journey

Fiji Airways has been focused on elevating its services, and being part of the TSA PreCheck program is a testament to this commitment. According to Mr. Viljoen, this enhancement, combined with the airline’s internationally acclaimed onboard products and services, allows passengers to start their holiday experience even before they land in Fiji.

The airline operates daily services between Nadi and Los Angeles, and up to five times a week to San Francisco. These routes are serviced by Fiji Airways’ modern Airbus A350 aircraft, known for their advanced features and passenger comfort.

For travelers interested in applying for TSA PreCheck, further details can be found on the TSA’s official website,

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