Firefly Aerospace Expands Operations with New Alpha Launch Capability at Virginia’s Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport

Firefly Aerospace, Inc., a leading player in the end-to-end space transportation sector, has recently announced the expansion of its launch capabilities at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport (MARS) on Wallops Island, Virginia. The company plans to introduce its Alpha launch vehicle to Pad-0A by 2025, enhancing the site’s current capabilities which also support the Antares 330 and the Medium Launch Vehicle (MLV), developed in collaboration with Northrop Grumman.

Bill Weber, CEO of Firefly Aerospace, emphasized the strategic importance of this expansion: “Firefly is committed to establishing a regular on-demand launch service and serving our customers’ growing responsive space needs, and that requires operating a diverse set of launch sites.” He highlighted the collaboration with the Virginia Spaceport Authority as instrumental in achieving a “streamlined approach to launching both Alpha and MLV from one location at MARS with minimal congestion from the broader launch market.”

This new development at Wallops Island is set to complement Firefly’s existing launch facilities, fostering the company’s ability to support rapid, on-demand missions for both government and commercial clients. The expansion plan includes a launch control center, horizontal integration facility, and administrative office space, strategically utilizing the existing local infrastructure to support quick turnaround missions, exemplified by the VICTUS NOX mission’s impressive 24-hour launch notice.

Governor Glenn Youngkin welcomed Firefly’s decision, noting the importance of Virginia in the national security landscape: “As growth at Virginia’s Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport accelerates, we are delighted to welcome Firefly Aerospace to Virginia.” He expressed optimism about the role Firefly will play in bolstering the nation’s aerospace industry and maintaining its space leadership.

Firefly’s Alpha rocket, capable of delivering over 1,000 kg to low-Earth orbit, features innovative propulsion technology and carbon composite structures that promise reliability and cost-effectiveness. Looking forward, Firefly aims to increase Alpha’s launch frequency, targeting monthly launches by 2026 after a progressive increase in launch activities over the next two years.

Headquartered in central Texas, Firefly Aerospace is committed to providing responsive, reliable, and affordable space access, offering a comprehensive range of services from launch and lunar landings to in-space operations. The company’s versatile portfolio aims to meet the diverse needs of its clientele, extending from low Earth orbit missions to lunar surface explorations and beyond. For more information about Firefly and its services, please visit their official website at

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