Global Market Report Reveals Diverse Trends in Aircraft Inventory and Values

The latest market reports from Sandhills Global provide a comprehensive overview of inventory levels and valuation trends across various aircraft categories, including used jets, piston single aircraft, turboprops, and Robinson piston helicopters. The reports draw on data from Sandhills’ extensive suite of aviation products like Controller, Controller EMEA, and AircraftEvaluator, among others.

“We’ve been observing used inventory growth for a few months now,” stated Brant Washburn, Controller Department Manager at Sandhills. He noted that while inventory levels are generally on the rise, the trends in asking values are mixed, with jet values showing a downward trajectory, whereas piston single values are on the rise.

Key Insights from the May Market Reports

Global Used Jets: Inventory levels for used jets have seen a slight recovery, regaining momentum lost before December 2023. May showed a 3.02% month-over-month increase and an 8.18% rise year-over-year. Despite a marginal month-over-month uptick in asking values, the year-over-year analysis shows a 6.35% decline, indicating a downward trend in jet values.

U.S. and Canada Used Piston Single Aircraft: This segment has rebounded from its recent lows in early 2024, marking a 3.4% increase over the previous month. However, the year-over-year figures show a 10.2% decrease. The asking values for these aircraft are fluctuating, though there is a slight trend upward, evidenced by a 1.47% increase month-over-month, despite a minimal annual decline of 0.34%.

U.S. and Canada Used Turboprop Aircraft: Turboprop inventory levels have stabilized, returning to November 2023 figures, with a slight 3.44% drop from the previous month but an 8.86% increase over the past year. Asking values have experienced marginal declines both monthly and annually, with the trend remaining steady.

Global Used Robinson Piston Helicopters: The inventory levels of these helicopters have decreased significantly, falling 6.14% month-over-month and 10.83% year-over-year. However, asking values have seen a slight increase, rising 0.91% month-over-month and 4.53% year-over-year, with an upward trend noted.

Utilizing the Sandhills EVI

A core component of Sandhills’ reports is the Sandhills Equipment Value Index (EVI), which serves as a critical metric for buyers and sellers to gauge market conditions and optimize their investment strategies. This index takes into account data from auction, retail, and active use markets to deliver precise asset valuation.


The latest Sandhills market reports elucidate significant trends in the aviation industry, offering stakeholders valuable insights into inventory dynamics and value fluctuations. With detailed analyses and trend visualizations, these reports are indispensable for those looking to make informed decisions in the aircraft market.

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