NetJets Unions Coalition Relaunched Amid Ongoing Labor Discussions

The NetJets Association of Shared Aircraft Pilots (NJASAP) and Teamsters Local 284 have reestablished the NetJets Unions Coalition (NUC). This coalition, initially formed in 2014 during intense contract negotiations, represents over 3,400 pilots and approximately 575 other personnel including dispatchers, flight attendants, and mechanics at Berkshire Hathaway’s NetJets Aviation, Inc.

The reformation of the coalition highlights ongoing challenges and shifts in labor relations at NetJets. According to NJASAP President Capt. Pedro Leroux, “While the issues may differ today in comparison to 10 years ago, reestablishing the Coalition emphasizes the importance of solidarity across our labor groups – speaking with one voice as we attempt to re-engage NetJets in a dialogue about several pressing matters, including increases in discipline, operational and safety-related issues and a decrease in constructive communication with management.”

Mark Vandak, President of Teamsters Local 284, echoed these sentiments, pointing out a perceived lack of reciprocity in striving for positive labor-management relationships. “Local 284 and the employees we represent want a positive labor-management relationship with NetJets, but the personnel on the other side of the table must have the same objective to make it work. Some of our Local 284-represented employee groups believe that is lacking today, which leads to a breakdown in communication and avoidable conflict at NetJets.”

The coalition argues that without effective engagement on contractual, operational, and safety concerns, management might be missing out on crucial insights from those on the frontline of the industry. Leroux highlighted the unique position of their workforce, noting, “Arguably, our operational environment is the most dynamic and demanding on the planet. The pilots, flight attendants, dispatchers, and mechanics have a front-row seat to issues that demand management’s attention, and they speak through their unions. Constructive engagement with union representatives is important and beneficial not only to unionized employees, but also to our operations and customers.”

The reactivation of the NUC aims to foster a unified approach to address these ongoing challenges at NetJets, emphasizing a collaborative effort across different sectors of the workforce. Vandak stated, “Standing the union coalition back up at NetJets is the right thing to do: It gives us an opportunity to work together across crafts to address common concerns and to solve problems that affect multiple groups of employees. We are on board.”

The unfolding scenario at NetJets serves as a critical example of the complexities involved in labor relations within the aviation industry, demonstrating both the challenges and potential paths forward through collective action and dialogue.

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