New Codeshare Agreement Between Philippine Airlines and American Airlines Expands Global Reach

In a significant first, Philippine Airlines and American Airlines have announced a groundbreaking codeshare partnership. This alliance marks the first time a Philippine carrier will offer marketed flights to several key U.S. destinations, opening new avenues for travelers.

Expanded Flight Options: New Destinations Accessible Through Codeshare Agreement

American Airlines codeshare with Philippine Airlines
American Airlines

Under this new arrangement, American Airlines’ customers now have the convenience of booking flights to the Philippines‘ capital, Manila, and the picturesque city of Cebu through These flights, operated by Philippine Airlines, will route via Tokyo, offering a seamless travel experience. Moreover, the partnership extends to direct flights from Honolulu and Guam to Manila, further enhancing connectivity.

In a reciprocal move, Philippine Airlines has added its “PR” code to American Airlines’ flights connecting Los Angeles with seven major U.S. cities: Atlanta, Denver, Houston, Las Vegas, Miami, Orlando, and Washington, D.C. This integration facilitates excellent connectivity with Philippine Airlines’ trans-Pacific services, which include twice-daily nonstop flights to Los Angeles, daily flights to San Francisco, and multiple weekly flights to New York, Honolulu, and Guam.

Boosting U.S. - Philippine Connectivity: American Airlines Adds Flights to Major U.S. Cities

This partnership stands as a testament to the growing synergies in the global aviation sector, promising to enrich the travel experience for passengers of both airlines. With the expanded network and increased flight options, travelers can look forward to exploring new destinations with greater ease.

But Will it Reduce Ticket Prices??

Reflecting on this development, it’s exciting to consider the potential benefits for travelers, particularly in terms of cost and rewards. This codeshare agreement holds the promise of more competitive fares, making travel more accessible. Additionally, the opportunity to earn more miles is a significant perk for frequent flyers. Here’s hoping this latest collaboration leads to more affordable travel options and enhanced mile-earning possibilities, further enriching the journey for avid travelers.

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