Incident at Toronto Airport: Passenger Falls from Air Canada Plane, Sustains Injuries

In a recent incident at Toronto Pearson International Airport, a passenger aboard an Air Canada flight bound for Dubai opened a cabin door before takeoff, where he then either jumped or fell out on to the tarmac. The event unfolded on Monday evening as the Boeing 777 aircraft, preparing for flight AC056, was stationed on the tarmac.

Air Canada, in a statement to Global News, confirmed that the passenger, who had initially boarded the aircraft normally, opened a cabin door on the opposite side of the aircraft while it was still at the gate. This action led to the passenger falling onto the tarmac and sustaining injuries.

Peel Police and Emergency Services Swiftly Attend to the Scene

Emergency services, including Peel Regional Police and Peel EMS, were promptly called to the scene. A spokesperson for the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) acknowledged the incident, stating that they coordinated with the airline, police, and EMS to address immediate needs and assess the situation.

Peel police, responding to a call around 9 p.m., revealed that the individual was in a state of crisis at the time of the incident. Despite the fall, the passenger suffered relatively minor injuries, as confirmed by the police. Following the event, the individual was apprehended by officers and transported to a local hospital for necessary treatment.

Ongoing Investigation by Air Canada into Unusual Onboard Event

Due to the incident, flight AC056, scheduled to carry 319 passengers, experienced a delay of nearly six hours, as indicated on the Air Canada website. In their statement, Air Canada reassured that all approved boarding and cabin operating procedures were followed during the event. The airline continues to investigate the circumstances surrounding the unusual occurrence.

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