Dramatic Incident on American Flight to MIA: Passenger Restrained with Duct Tape Amid Meltdown

In a scary incident on American Airlines Flight 948 from Rio de Janeiro to Miami International Airport, a disruptive passenger caused a major disturbance. The man, who has not been identified, was heard shouting “help” and “they’re killing me” in Spanish, as reported by ABC Local 10. His outburst occurred at Rio de Janeiro/Galeão International Airport.

American Airlines codeshare with Philippine Airlines

During the incident, the passenger became increasingly unruly, leading to a tense situation onboard the aircraft. As he continued to scream and resist, five individuals, comprising four passengers and one airline employee, intervened. They worked together to restrain the man, using duct tape on his arms and head, while also dodging his punches. This scene was captured in a video exclusively obtained by WPLG.

The Struggle to Restrain: Duct Tape Used in Subduing Disruptive Passenger

The man’s resistance escalated as one passenger attempted to secure his ankles, and another tried to tape his mouth, but was impeded by the man’s continuous thrashing and yelling of “No.” The men employed various calming techniques, including asking the man to “hold my hand” and “breathe.” The reasons behind the passenger’s meltdown have not been disclosed.

Despite this alarming event, the flight arrived in Miami 13 minutes ahead of schedule, as per FlightAware’s data. No arrests have been reported in relation to this incident.

In a separate incident on December 30, aboard Qantas flight QF46 from Bali to Melbourne, a 28-year-old man had to be restrained after assaulting a crew member. As per 9News, the man threatened those on board, saying, “If you don’t get away from me, I will f— you.” This situation required the intervention of five passengers, who subdued the traveler until he was handed over to the police for questioning. He, however, did not face any charges.

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