Scoot Expands Northeast Asia Operations: Adds Six Flights via Taipei Starting April

Scoot, the Singapore-based budget airline, is set to expand its operations in Northeast Asia, offering six additional flights that will all route through Taipei starting from April 1. 

This expansion comes as the airline moves forward in resuming services that were paused during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lee Yong Sin, the Vice President of Sales at Scoot, shared these updates during a press meeting in Taipei. According to Lee, the enhancement of the airline’s flight schedule includes an increase in weekly flights from Singapore to Japan and South Korea, now totaling 21, up from 15, all of which will include a stopover in Taiwan.

Scoot’s Strategic Expansion: More Flights to Tokyo and Seoul via Taipei Announced

Specifically, the Singapore-Taiwan-Tokyo route will see an increase from seven to 12 flights per week. The Singapore-Taiwan-Seoul route will also see a rise, with five flights per week, up from the current four. The Singapore-Taiwan-Sapporo route will maintain its frequency with four weekly flights.

Lee mentioned that the Kaohsiung-Osaka route remains the only service involving Taiwan that has yet to be resumed due to the airline’s limited capacity, anticipating its return in 2025.

The Future of Air Travel Pricing: Insights from Scoot Post-Pandemic Recovery Plan

With routes covering 15 countries and 72 destinations, Scoot has successfully resumed approximately 93 percent of its pre-pandemic flights, operating at over 90 percent capacity. The airline has observed an unexpected surge in demand for its premium economy seats, exceeding expectations by 10-20 percent, particularly on long-haul flights to Berlin and Athens, which are often fully booked.

Addressing the increase in ticket prices post-pandemic, Lee attributed it to the phenomenon of revenge travel—a concept where individuals are eager to travel after pandemic restrictions lifted. 

He anticipates a stabilization in ticket prices this year as more services resume, though he cautioned that due to inflation, prices are likely to remain higher than pre-pandemic levels.

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