Sirius Aviation AG Launches World’s First Hydrogen-Powered Luxury Jets in Collaboration with BMW Group Designworks

Sirius Aviation AG, in collaboration with BMW Group Designworks, introduced two cutting-edge hydrogen-powered luxury business jets, the Sirius CEO-JET and the Sirius Adventure Jet, at the MOVE Expo in London on June 20, 2024. These jets, unveiled during a global debut, are poised to redefine private air travel by offering sustainable alternatives that significantly decrease CO2 emissions.

During the event, Sirius Aviation AG’s Founder and CEO, Alexey Popov, took the stage alongside representatives from BMW Group Designworks to highlight the unique attributes and eco-friendly designs of these aircrafts. Popov stated, “The launch of the Sirius CEO-JET and Adventure Jet represents a major milestone in our mission to revolutionize air travel with sustainable solutions. The CEO-JET offers an eco-friendly option for business travel, while the Adventure Jet opens new horizons for global tourism and exploration.”

The Sirius CEO-JET is notable as the world’s first hydrogen-powered private jet, blending advanced technology with bespoke luxury. It boasts zero carbon emissions thanks to its hydrogen-electric powertrain and accommodates up to three passengers. The jet is tailored for business executives, offering speeds up to 323 knots and a range of 1150 miles. The interior customization includes options like unique colors, upholstery, champagne fridges, pet accommodations, and bespoke bathrooms.

On the other hand, the Sirius Adventure Jet caters to those with a penchant for exploration and leisure. This aircraft also features a hydrogen-electric powertrain, supporting sustainable travel with zero emissions. It seats five passengers and mirrors the CEO-JET in speed and range. The Adventure Jet’s design is optimized for reaching remote and pristine locations, with customizable interiors that cater to both comfort and adventure.

We’re bridging the gap for individuals who aspire to own a business jet with pride in a future that values eco-consciousness,” added Popov. “Our customers will inspire admiration and respect, fostering a culture of positivity rather than judgment or criticism.”

Sirius Aviation AG, headquartered in Switzerland, is renowned for its innovative approach to aviation technology and luxury. The company’s recent developments underscore its dedication to environmental sustainability and its commitment to enhancing the luxury travel experience through groundbreaking designs and technology. The introduction of the SiriusJet series marks a significant advancement in combining high performance with ecological responsibility.

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