Buenos Aires Airport Hit by Violent Storm: Terminal and Boeing 737 Suffer Damage [VIDEO]

In a severe weather event early Sunday morning, Buenos Aires was hit by an extreme storm, causing widespread disruption and tragic loss of life. The storm brought intense rainfall and powerful winds, leading to significant damage throughout the city. Regrettably, the storm has been responsible for the deaths of at least thirteen individuals.

Buenos Aires Airport - Aerolineas Argentinas Boeing B737-700
An Aerolineas Argentinas Boeing B737-700 aircraft was damaged at Buenos Aires Airport due to a storm

Buenos Aires Airport Damaged Along with Aerolineas Argentinas Boeing 737

The storm also had a notable impact on the city’s aviation infrastructure. Buenos Aires airport suffered damage to its terminal building and various other facilities.

One incident at the airport involved an Aerolineas Argentinas Boeing B737-700 aircraft, registered as LV-CAD. This aircraft, which had been parked overnight, was forcefully displaced by the storm’s winds. During this event, the aircraft’s left wing leading edge collided with ground equipment, causing conspicuous damage. (see below)

As a result of these conditions, Aerolineas Argentinas had to cancel a scheduled domestic flight to Mendoza. Additionally, footage circulating on social media platforms vividly illustrates the severity of the storm, showcasing how the high winds wreaked havoc across the airport area.

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