Turkish Airlines Expands Its Network with New Flights to Osaka, Japan

Turkish Airlines has announced the expansion of its global flight network with the addition of Osaka, Japan, beginning December 12, 2023. The airline, known for its extensive connectivity, will operate flights between Istanbul Airport and Osaka International Airport four times a week — on Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays. These flights will be serviced by the Boeing 787-9, a testament to Turkish Airlines’ commitment to providing a comfortable and efficient travel experience.

Turkish Airlines Boeing 787
Turkish Airlines Boeing 787

Osaka, as the second largest city in Japan, offers a rich blend of culinary and cultural experiences. Renowned as the capital of Japanese cuisine, the city is widely recognized as a gourmet destination, inviting travelers to explore its diverse and exquisite culinary landscape. Beyond its gastronomic appeal, Osaka also serves as a strategic gateway to the culturally rich Kansai region, home to historic cities like Kyoto, Nara, and Kobe. These areas are known for their unique blend of historical and modern attractions, making Osaka a pivotal point for tourists seeking to delve into Japan’s rich heritage.

Exploring Osaka's Unique Blend of Traditional and Modern Attractions

This new route by Turkish Airlines is part of its ongoing efforts to connect diverse cultures and destinations, offering travelers the opportunity to explore the wonders of Japan through the vibrant city of Osaka.

Turkish Airlines Chairman of the Board and the Executive Committee, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Bolat stated; “We are glad to start our flights to Osaka, a city rich in culture. Osaka flights not only strengthens our presence in the Asia-Pacific region but also shows our dedication to connecting people and cultures around the world. We continue to offer the highest quality service while enabling our passengers to explore the world with our unique flight network.”

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