Turkish Airlines in Talks with Boeing for Potential Purchase of 250 Jetliners

Turkish Airlines is currently engaged in discussions with Boeing Co. regarding the potential acquisition of approximately 250 aircraft, just months after finalizing a significant agreement with Airbus SE, the European aircraft manufacturer. 

The discussions involve a mix of between 150-175 Boeing 737 Max jets and a remainder of larger 787 Dreamliner models, according to Turkish Airlines Chairman Ahmet Bolat. The negotiations, which were revealed at the International Air Transport Association annual meeting in Dubai, are centered on determining target prices, commercial terms, and engine costs.

Bolat highlighted that the discussions are still in the tender phase, emphasizing, “there’s no timeline for a final agreement.” In response to inquiries, a Boeing spokesperson chose not to comment directly on the potential order, deferring instead to the airline.

This potential deal with Boeing could further bolster Turkish Airlines’ strategy to expand its global footprint. The airline had previously committed to purchasing 230 Airbus aircraft in December, signaling its ambitious plans to nearly double its fleet over the next decade. However, the carrier’s relationship with Boeing has been under scrutiny, especially after Chairman Bolat noted in April that Turkish Airlines was contemplating an additional purchase of Airbus aircraft following quality concerns with the Boeing 737 Max 9. This came after a significant incident in January, where a fuselage panel on one of the planes suffered a near-catastrophic failure during flight, drawing intense scrutiny from regulators and lawmakers in the U.S.

This ongoing negotiation underscores the dynamic and complex nature of the global aviation market, where airline operators must balance growth ambitions with safety and regulatory considerations. As Turkish Airlines continues to navigate these challenges, the outcome of these talks could significantly influence the airline’s future fleet composition and operational capabilities.

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