Woman Dies Onboard TUI Flight Bound for Glasgow

In a tragic incident aboard a TUI flight, a British passenger sadly passed away after suffering a cardiac arrest. The flight, numbered BY1573, was en route from Tenerife to Glasgow when the emergency unfolded. It had departed Tenerife Airport at 5.30 pm yesterday, and shortly after takeoff, the crew issued a Squawk 7700 signal, indicating an in-flight emergency.


As the situation deteriorated, the aircraft was diverted to Funchal Airport on the island of Madeira. Despite the swift response, including the attendance of emergency crews consisting of paramedics and firefighters at the scene, the woman’s life could not be saved.

Unscheduled Landing at Funchal Airport Amidst In-Flight Emergency

The aircraft, which was scheduled to arrive in Scotland on Friday, December 29, made its unscheduled landing in Madeira at approximately 6:40 pm. Following the unfortunate event and necessary procedures, the flight resumed its journey to Glasgow, departing from Funchal Airport around 9 pm, as reported by the Portuguese news outlet dnoticias.pt.

This incident underscores the unpredictable nature of medical emergencies during air travel and highlights the importance of prompt response and readiness of emergency protocols in such critical situations.

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