Delta Expands Austin Flight Schedule with New Routes and Increased Seat Capacity

Delta Air Lines is expanding its operations at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, marking a significant enhancement in its service offerings. This expansion represents a 20% increase in seat capacity compared to July 2023, indicating Delta’s commitment to facilitating better connectivity and travel options for its customers in the region.

Delta Expands Austin Flight Schedule with New Routes and Increased Seat Capacity
Airbus A320 [Image: Delta]

Beginning April 22, the airline is introducing 11 new peak-day flights from Austin, further solidifying the city’s role as a vital hub in Delta’s network. This development includes the launch of new services to Midland-Odessa and McAllen, Texas, enabling these cities to benefit from easier access to Delta’s extensive global network via Austin.

Moreover, Delta is responding to the growing demand for travel by adding additional flights to existing routes. The airline will augment its Austin service with extra flights to both Cincinnati, Ohio, and Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, enhancing travel convenience for customers.

These enhancements in Delta’s Austin schedule are part of the airline’s ongoing efforts to provide a more robust and diverse range of travel options, catering to the evolving needs and preferences of its passengers.

Austin to Midland-Odessa and McAllen: Bridging Texas Cities with Global Access

Travelers using Austin as their transit point, especially those coming from or heading to Midland-Odessa and McAllen, will now have the opportunity to connect seamlessly to nearly 50 peak-day nonstop flights. These flights cover 15 U.S. airports, encompassing every Delta hub, along with popular destinations like Las Vegas and Orlando. This expansion in service not only provides a broad spectrum of domestic travel options but also enhances the ease of coast-to-coast travel for passengers.

Additionally, Delta’s collaboration with its partners at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport extends the reach of its network beyond the United States. Passengers can now access direct international flights to key destinations, including Mexico City and Amsterdam. This enhancement in global connectivity underscores Delta’s commitment to offering a comprehensive and accessible travel experience for its customers.

“This expansion not only creates an access point to diverse opportunities for business, leisure, and cultural exploration spanning Texas and beyond but also solidifies Delta’s commitment to being a key player in Austin’s evolving landscape,” said Joe Esposito, Delta’s S.V.P. – Network Planning. “Austin is growing rapidly, and this 20% increase in capacity mirrors that growth as we look to provide our customers with unparalleled convenience in the region.” 

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