Embraer S.A. Secures $635 Million Deal with Malaysia’s SKS Airways for E195-E2 Jets

Embraer S.A. (ERJ) has recently secured a significant contract with Malaysia’s SKS Airways, involving the supply of E195-E2 jets. The agreement, valued at $635 million, includes an order for 10 E2 Jets. This move marks Embraer’s strategic expansion in the Southeast Asian market, enhancing its presence in the broader Asia Pacific region.

With this new venture into Malaysian territory, Embraer is not only establishing a direct connection with SKS Airways but also paving the way for potential future agreements with other airlines in the region. This could further solidify its market position and expand its customer base.

As of March 31, 2023, the backlog for Embraer’s E-Jets E2 stood at 281 orders, representing a total value of $17.4 billion. This backlog underscores the growing demand for Embraer’s aircraft in the global market. Given the current upward trend, industry observers anticipate that Embraer will continue to see an increase in orders, which should positively impact its revenue streams in the foreseeable future.

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