Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport Hosts Second Dementia Friendly Air Travel Workshop

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, known as America’s Friendliest Airport®, is once again at the forefront of enhancing passenger experience, particularly for those with special needs. Amidst Arizona’s bustling travel season, the airport has announced the return of its Dementia Friendly Air Travel Workshop.

This initiative, which debuted last summer, was the first of its kind in the United States and garnered recognition from Airports Council International – North America, winning the award for the best Customer Experience Program for Large Airports.

Scheduled Date and Time for the Upcoming Workshop

The workshop, designed to assist passengers with dementia and their caregivers, aims to ease the complexities of navigating a busy airport environment. The program’s return is a response to the estimated seven million individuals in the U.S. facing dementia, for whom travel can be particularly challenging.

Scheduled for January 10th, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., the second Dementia Friendly Air Travel Workshop will bring together airport representatives, airline staff, and TSA officials. This collaborative effort focuses on sharing information, providing practical tips, and answering queries from family members and caregivers of individuals with dementia.

Collaboration with Airlines and TSA for Enhanced Passenger Experience

This initiative is part of Phoenix Sky Harbor’s ongoing commitment to enhancing the guest and employee experience. The airport, which significantly contributes to the economy with an annual impact of over $38 billion, handles approximately 1,200 aircraft and more than 130,000 passengers daily. Notably, the airport operates solely on revenue generated from airport activities, without reliance on tax dollars.

Phoenix Sky Harbor continues to set a benchmark in airport customer service, ensuring that all passengers, regardless of their challenges, can experience a comfortable and stress-free journey.

“Traveling is not the same for everyone, and for those dealing with dementia, the airport can be stressful,” said PHX’s Guest and Employee Experience Superintendent, Misty Cisneros-Contreras. “Being prepared can make all the difference and the experience less intimidating for both care providers and their loved ones. That’s why we are thrilled that our Dementia Friendly Air Travel Workshop is returning, ensuring these unique customers have a positive traveling experience.”     

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