Flights from New York (NYC) to Scottsdale

Imagine you’re in the bustling heart of New York City, your sights set on the serene landscapes of Scottsdale, Arizona. You, my friend, are about to embark on a journey that, while it can’t be done with a straight shot, is peppered with delightful detours. Let’s be clear: direct flights from New York to Scottsdale are as rare as a snowball in the Arizona desert. Instead, you’ll hop from one plane to another, connecting through various hubs that add a dash of adventure to your travel.

Flights from New York (NYC) to Scottsdale
Scottsdale, Arizona

As you weave through these connections, picture the contrasting skylines – from the towering Empire State to the majestic Camelback Mountain. Each layover is a brief narrative, a subplot in your travel tale. And don’t fret about the lack of a non-stop option; these layovers are like unscheduled plot twists, making your journey all the more memorable.

Now, lean back, grab your device, and let’s navigate this together. Browse through this page and SkyGoFly to stitch together the best possible route from New York and then to Scottsdale. Think of it as crafting your own travel story, one connection at a time, with a hint of serendipity sprinkled along the way. Welcome aboard!

New York to Scottsdale: Your Route Through Phoenix Sky Harbor

The Grand Connection: Via Phoenix

Embarking on your journey from the bustling streets and airports of New York, you’re heading towards the sun-kissed vistas of Scottsdale. But here’s the twist in the plot: your pathway meanders through Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. Think of Phoenix as the intriguing middle chapter in your travel book, offering a slice of Arizona before you reach your final destination.

Phoenix Sky Harbor: A Miniature Adventure

Phoenix Sky Harbor isn’t just any airport; it’s a world of its own, bustling with life and energy. As you step off the plane, you’re greeted by a microcosm of Arizona’s charm. It’s like a teaser trailer for what’s waiting in Scottsdale. Here, you can stretch your legs and explore a bit. Grab a bite of local cuisine or simply enjoy the airport’s art exhibitions – it’s a cultural pit stop that adds flavor to your journey.

Making the Most of Your Layover

Layovers can be a drag, but not when you’re armed with the right attitude and a few tricks up your sleeve. Think of it as an unexpected bonus episode in your travel series. Take this chance to check out the best of Phoenix airport’s offerings. From artisan coffee shops to bookstores that seem to whisper tales of the Southwest, there’s plenty to keep you entertained.

Tips for a Smooth Transit

Navigating through Phoenix Sky Harbor is like a well-choreographed dance. To ensure you don’t miss a beat, here are a few tips:

  • Stay Updated: Keep an eye on flight information screens. Phoenix’s airport is known for its punctuality, but it’s always good to be in the know.

  • Airport Amenities: Take advantage of the free Wi-Fi to update your travel diary or post that obligatory airport selfie.

  • Stretch Those Legs: Explore the airport’s walkways and art exhibits. It’s a mini cultural tour without leaving the terminal.

Getting to PHX

If you flew into new York first (likely to Kennedy Intl) you may very well have flown on British Airways, Air France, Qatar Airways – Etihad Airways (if you came from the Middle East) or simple American Airlines if domestic.

From New York, your best bet to get to Phoenix (and on to Scottsdale) is via American Airlines or Southwest Airlines.

American Airlines and Southwest: Your Go-To Carriers

When plotting your course from New York to the heart of Arizona, the airline choice can be as crucial as picking the right travel playlist. Enter American Airlines and Southwest, the twin stars in this skyward journey. These airlines are not just popular choices; they are the seasoned veterans of the Phoenix route.

American Airlines: A Sky-High Symphony

Think of American Airlines as the orchestra of the skies – a harmonious blend of frequency and service. With the most flights into Phoenix Sky Harbor, they’ve turned air travel into a finely tuned symphony. Their frequent flights mean more options for you, making it easier to book flights and find a schedule that sings in tune with your plans. Plus, with competitive pricing, they hit the high notes of affordability.

Southwest Airlines: The Travelers’ Chorus

Southwest Airlines, on the other hand, is like the catchy chorus that everyone loves to hum along to. Known for their friendly service and no-frills approach, they keep things simple and sweet. Southwest’s numerous flights into Phoenix translate to more chances to snag a deal. Their baggage policy is a traveler’s dream – two bags fly free, so you can pack that extra pair of sunglasses without worry.

Cheaper Fares: A Matter of Supply and Demand

It’s a simple equation: the more flights there are, the better the chances of finding a wallet-friendly fare. American and Southwest Airlines dominate the skies on this route, which means they often offer the seats at the most competitive prices. It’s like having a buffet of flight options – the more on the table, the more likely you are to find something that suits your taste (and budget).

Booking Strategies for the Best Deal

Here’s a tip: keep your eyes peeled for sales and special offers. Both airlines are known to throw a good deal into the price mix now and then. It’s like playing airfare bingo – with a bit of luck, money and timing, you could hit the jackpot. Also, consider flying on less popular days or times; it’s like shopping at off-peak hours, the deals are just waiting to be grabbed.

The Final Leg: Phoenix to Scottsdale

Once you’ve absorbed the essence of Phoenix, it’s time to board your next flight, although it’s NOT a flight. The final leg from Phoenix to Scottsdale is a short hop, skip, and a jump away…by car. It’s so brief, you’ll barely have time to miss the airport’s hustle and bustle. Before you know it, you’ll be driving into Scottsdale, where the desert landscapes welcome you with open arms.

NOTE: If you must fly in to Scottsdale itself, you’ll need to book a Scottsdale private jet charter flight in to Scottsdale Airport.

The Journey Details: New York to Scottsdale via Phoenix

Flight Duration: New York to Phoenix

Let’s talk about time in the air. Flying from New York to Phoenix is not exactly a hop, skip, and a jump – it’s more of a leisurely stroll through the skies. Typically, this flight takes around 5 to 6 hours. It’s the perfect amount of time to catch up on a movie or two, delve into a good book, or even take a well-deserved nap. Think of it as your personal time-out session, cruising at 35,000 feet.

Distance Between Phoenix and Scottsdale

Now, once you touch down in Phoenix, Scottsdale is just a stone’s throw away. Okay, maybe a bit farther than a stone’s throw, but it’s only about a 15 to 20-minute drive, depending on traffic. This part of your journey is like the final chapter of a good book – short but satisfying, as you near your destination.

Cheapest Month for Arizona Flights

Here’s a wallet-friendly tip: if you’re looking for the lowest fares and best deals, aim for July or August to fly to Arizona. Yes, it’s hot – but think of it as Arizona’s warm welcome! These months are typically the cheapest for flights, as the scorching sun tends to shy away the crowds. It’s the desert’s version of a winter sale.

Scottsdale Airport: Small but Mighty

Now, you might wonder, “Is Scottsdale Airport a major hub?” The answer is a charming “no.” It’s more like a boutique airport – small, exclusive, and not your typical bustling international hub. This means you’ll be flying into Phoenix Sky Harbor and then making your way to Scottsdale.

Getting to Scottsdale from Phoenix: No Car, No Problem

So, you’ve landed in Phoenix and Scottsdale is calling your name, but you’re without a car. Fear not! The best bet is to summon an Uber or a Lyft. It’s like having a magic carpet at your fingertips, ready to whisk you away to Scottsdale. The ride is quick, convenient, and will give you a front-row seat to the beautiful desert landscape as you make your way to your final stop.

Finding Your Home Away from Home in Scottsdale

Welcome to Scottsdale, where the sun is warm, the cacti are friendly, and the accommodations are as diverse as the desert landscapes. Choosing where to stay in Scottsdale can feel like trying to pick a favorite ice cream flavor at a gourmet parlor – each one is tempting in its own way. Let’s dive into some of the top places to hang your hat (or your sunhat, in this case).

Fairmont Scottsdale Princess: Royalty in the Desert

Imagine a place where luxury meets the wild, rustic charm of the Arizona desert. The Fairmont Scottsdale Princess is like the queen of the desert, offering a royal experience with its plush rooms, exquisite dining options, and world-class golf courses. It’s like stepping into an oasis of comfort and elegance, with a touch of desert magic.

Scottsdale Plaza Resort & Villas: Your Personal Desert Retreat

Think of the Scottsdale Plaza Resort & Villas as your personal desert retreat. With its sprawling grounds, it’s like a small, luxurious village nestled in the heart of Scottsdale. The villas offer a cozy, home-away-from-home feel, perfect for those who enjoy their privacy with a side of luxury.

Hotel Valley Ho: Retro-Chic in the Heart of Scottsdale

If you’re a fan of mid-century modern design, Hotel Valley Ho is your time machine back to the 1950s, with a modern twist. It’s like stepping onto a retro movie set, but with all the contemporary comforts. The vibrant, chic atmosphere makes it a unique and Instagram-worthy stay. Plus, its central location means you’re just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Scottsdale’s best attractions.

Talking Stick Resort and Casino: A Roll of the Dice

For those who like a bit of gaming with their stay, the Talking Stick Resort and Casino is a jackpot. It’s not just a resort; it’s an entertainment hub. With its casino, golf courses, and pool parties, it’s like Vegas met the Sonoran Desert and they decided to throw a party. The views from the rooms are a gamble too – you might just get a breathtaking vista of the Arizona landscape.

Scottsdale Camelback Resort: Nestled at the Base of Camelback Mountain

Last but not least, the Scottsdale Camelback Resort is for those who love nature with a side of luxury. Located at the base of the iconic Camelback Mountain, it’s like waking up in a desert paradise. The resort offers a serene escape with its spa, fitness center, and proximity to some of Scottsdale’s best hiking trails.


Your journey from the vibrant streets of New York to the serene landscapes of Scottsdale is an adventure filled with delightful detours and intriguing stopovers. While there are no direct flights, connecting through Phoenix Sky Harbor offers its own unique set of experiences, making your trip memorable. With airlines like American Airlines and Southwest providing frequent and affordable options, and the journey from Phoenix to Scottsdale being a short leap, your travel is both convenient and enjoyable. Once in Scottsdale, a range of accommodation options from the luxurious Fairmont Scottsdale Princess to the retro-chic Hotel Valley Ho awaits you, each offering a distinct flavor of this desert gem. So pack your bags, embrace the journey, and prepare to immerse yourself in the diverse beauty and charm of Scottsdale. Your Arizona adventure is just a flight away!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there direct flights from New York to Scottsdale?
A: No, there aren’t direct flights from New York to Scottsdale. You’ll typically have a layover at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport before continuing to Scottsdale.

Q: What airlines are recommended for this route?
A: American Airlines and Southwest are the top recommendations. They offer the most frequent flights to Phoenix from New York, often resulting in more price competitive fares for return flights.

Q: How long is the flight from New York to Phoenix?
A: The flight duration from New York to Phoenix is usually between 5 to 6 hours. It’s a good amount of time to relax and enjoy in-flight entertainment or rest.

Q: How far is Scottsdale from Phoenix, and how can I travel between the two cities?
A: Scottsdale is about a 15 to 20-minute drive from Phoenix. The best way to travel between Phoenix and Scottsdale without a car is by using a ride-sharing service like Uber or Lyft.

Q: What is the cheapest month to fly to Arizona?
A: July and August are typically the cheapest months to fly to Arizona. Despite the heat, you’ll find the cheapest prices and best flight deals during this period.

Q: Is Scottsdale Airport a major airport?
A: No, Scottsdale Airport is not a major airport. It’s a smaller, more boutique airport, so you will be flying into Phoenix Sky Harbor and then traveling to Scottsdale.

Q: Where should I consider staying in Scottsdale?
A: Scottsdale offers a variety of accommodations to suit different preferences. Options include the luxurious Fairmont Scottsdale Princess, the Scottsdale Plaza Resort & Villas, the retro Hotel Valley Ho, the entertainment-filled Talking Stick Resort and Casino, and the nature-close Scottsdale Camelback Resort.

Q: What makes Phoenix Sky Harbor a unique layover experience?
A: Phoenix Sky Harbor offers a taste of Arizona with its local cuisine, art exhibitions, and overall ambiance. It’s an opportunity to experience a bit of Arizona’s culture and charm during your layover.

Q: Are there any tips for a smooth transit through Phoenix Sky Harbor?
A: Yes, always keep an eye on the flight information screens, take advantage of the airport’s amenities like free Wi-Fi, and explore the airport to make the most of your layover.

Q: How can I get the best deal on flights for this route?
A: To get the best deals, watch out for sales and special offers from the airlines, and consider flying on less popular days or times. Booking tickets in advance and being flexible with your travel dates can also help you find more availability and better prices.